These Virgin River S6 Fan Theories May Surprise You

These Virgin River S6 Fan Theories May Surprise You
Image credit: Netflix

We bet you haven't even thought of some of them.

Both parts of Virgin River Season 5 have landed on Netflix, and the next chapter is already in the final stages of active discussion in the writers' room.

With filming for Season 6 delayed until next year due to the Hollywood strikes, there's a chance we'll have to wait longer than usual to dive back into the show's small-town ambience. However, showrunner Patrick Sean Smith has promised that the team will do their best to get the new episodes on the air before Christmas 2024.

Well, fingers crossed. In the meantime, let's speculate a bit about what's in store for our beloved Virgin River residents.

You probably already have the obvious storylines in mind, like Jack and Mel finally getting married and adopting a child, or Doc and Hope's wedding. So we've dug up some crazy (but still plausible) scenarios that might leave you open-mouthed.

1. Everett is revealed as Hope's ex-husband

What if the shocking news Mel's dad is trying to tell her is that he was once married to Hope? We know very little about the Virgin River mayor's past relationships, so this is a believable possibility that will add just the right amount of drama to the story.

2. Calvin helps Brady

We were all shocked to learn that Lark and Jimmy are hatching some kind of twisted revenge plot against Brady. So the wild theory is that none other than Calvin will intervene and double-cross Jimmy to help Brady.

This will be the beginning of his redemption arc on his way to being a good father to the twins.

3. Brie cheats on Mike

Speaking of Brady, now that his new relationship is doomed and the holiday specials have proven that his chemistry with Brie has gone nowhere, there is a theory that the couple will get back together behind Mike's back. Would it really be that delirious?

4. Charmaine ends up with Cameron

No matter how hard Calvin tries to redeem himself, we don't see him and Charmaine getting together. Cameron and Charmaine, on the other hand, sound like an unlikely but surprisingly good pairing. If the doctor splits up with Muriel over the children issue, ending up with a single mother of two would be a natural next step.

5. Lizzie's baby turns out to be Ricky's

Paternity mysteries are the constant fuel for drama on Virgin River. So it wouldn't be crazy to imagine that Lizzie's pregnancy will be marked by another 'who's the real daddy' twist. We vote it's Ricky, don't you?

Who is the father of Lizzie's baby?

6. Connie saves Preacher

The storyline we all wish was over is Wes' murder, which has been hanging over Preacher for many seasons. Now that the body has been identified, Preacher is once again in the crosshairs.

The hopeful theory here is that someone will help the character get away with this terrible business by creating an alibi for him. And the most likely candidate is Connie. After all, she knows what really happened, and being no stranger to domestic abuse, she can empathize with Page.