The S2 Happy Twist Is Doomed: Rhys Darby Shares OFMD S3 Thoughts

The S2 Happy Twist Is Doomed: Rhys Darby Shares OFMD S3 Thoughts
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That's actually a good reason to greenlight the third season.


  • Max has yet to renew Our Flag Means Death for a third season.
  • While some may consider the Season 2 finale a fitting conclusion to the story of Stede Bonnet and Ed Teach, Rhys Darby recently explained why it is not a happy ending for the pirates.
  • The actor said that Stede and Ed are kidding themselves if they think the quiet life on an island is going to satisfy them in the long run.

The biggest pain of all queer pirate romance fans right now is the hesitation of the big bosses at Max to renew Our Flag Means Death (OFMD) for a third season.

While creator David Jenkins has stated in various interviews that he always had a three-season story in mind, studio executives may feel that the last episode of Season 2 had a sense of finality that tied up the whole story.

In the heartbreaking final confrontation with the British soldiers, Zheng Yi Sao lost her fleet, Spanish Jackie - her bar, and Izzy Hands - his life.

The lead couple of the series, however, managed to reach a thrilling development in their relationship. The inner and outer demons are finally conquered, and Stede and Ed have found their way back to each other and decided to settle on an island near Izzy's grave and run an inn together.

But is this twist really so happy and final? Rhys Darby thinks not.

'They're kidding themselves'

The Stede Bonnet actor recently spoke to about where his character's arc might go in the future. And he is certain that neither Stede nor Ed will be able to live a quiet life for very long.

'When I think of these two characters, who are now very famous pirates in this region who think they're going to pull off being able to just open an inn and have a nice life, they're kidding themselves,' Darby said.

Stede had come too long and too hard a way out of the quiet family life with Mary to go back to it with Ed. Even though this new partnership is a loving one in contrast to the marriage to Mary, the honeymoon period won't last forever, Darby is sure.

'That's when they're going to have their hardest time because they've never had that before. And so that in itself would be fun to explore. How are they going to be together like this?' he said. 'Is it going to work?'

The story is not over

Rhys Darby's words confirm what David Jenkins and fans have been discussing for weeks: the story of the pirates in love is not over. The happy end of Season 2 may be happy for now, but it is far from the end. We need to see Stede and Ed in a mature relationship.

On top of that, there is their found family, a Revenge crew, from which they probably cannot exist apart. What kind of finale is it when the captains are separated from their crew?

'The other element that I think Stede would be really missing – both of them – but particularly Stede, would be that he's seeing his family float off. Those are his new people, those people that really, that he loves and almost like his kids,' Darby said.

And that proves once again that OFMD Season 3 has to happen. Please, Max, hear us out. It. Has. To. Happen.


Are you rooting for OFMD Season 3 to happen?