The Buccaneers: 7 Biggest Storylines Season 2 Needs To Tackle

The Buccaneers: 7 Biggest Storylines Season 2 Needs To Tackle
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Plenty of drama in store for the characters on the Apple TV+ series.

Season 1 of Apple TV+'s adaptation of Edith Wharton's The Buccaneers ended earlier this month on more than one cliffhanger. But viewers won't be left hanging.

Though the show failed to become a major romantic hit of the year and received mixed reviews from audiences (it has an IMDb rating of 6.4/10), the studio was quick to renew The Buccaneers for Season 2. So we are sure to get the answers to all the burning questions.

There's no doubt that the entire ensemble cast will return in the new episodes. But what's in store for their characters? Here are seven plot arcs we expect Season 2 to pick up from the premiere installment.

Nan's Birth Mother

The biggest shocker of the Season 1 finale was Colonel St. George's announcement that Nan's birth mother was at Tintagel Castle. So we will surely meet her soon.

The mystery was explored throughout Season 1, and based on small clues, many viewers came to believe that the mother was Miss Testvalley. There's even a wild fan theory that her real father is Richard. Just imagine how much drama that would bring to Season 2.

Who do you think Nan’s mother is?

Jinny's Escape

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We were relieved to see Jinny escape her abusive husband in the Season 1 finale. But the story is not over, and Season 2 will have to focus on what happens next. Will Jinny stay in hiding with Guy, return to her parents' house, or move in with Nan? Will the pregnancy go smoothly? Will she be able to divorce James?

Patti & Colonel's Divorce

Patti St. George seemed adamant about her decision to divorce Colonel because of his endless cheating. But considering how unhappy things turned out for her two daughters, that move may have to wait. No doubt Season 2 will feature more of her inner struggles.

Love Triangle

The main question of Season 1 (Guy or Theo?) was not definitively answered. We know that Nan's heart belongs to Guy, but she is now married to Theo, which is a clear recipe for drama in Season 2. Guy is out of the country, but when he returns, Nan will once again be torn between dream and duty. And what will Theo do now that Nan is clearly entering their marriage for power, not love?

Richard & Conchita's Situation

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Richard is skating on thin ice. On the one hand, he wants to leave his cold family behind and flee the country with his wife and child to live a carefree life. On the other hand, they are broke and his father is dying, leaving him in charge of his mother and sister. So Season 2 will likely focus on the agony of impossible choices for Richard and bring new frustration to Conchita.

Honoria & Mabel's Romance

We are rooting for Honoria and Mabel and were happy to see the girls confess their feelings for each other. But the world of the Buccaneers is grounded and there seems to be no room for unrealistic fantasy. So we are sure that the lesbian couple will face many challenges in the future. Not all members of the ton are as accepting as Lizzy.

Lizzy's Arc

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Speaking of Lizzy, she became one of the fan favorites in Season 1 and was given criminally little to do aside from being assaulted by James. Now it seems that Lizzy has managed to deal with her trauma and we hope that she will get more screen time and a happy love story in Season 2.