The Boys S4: What To Expect Based On The First Teaser?

The Boys S4: What To Expect Based On The First Teaser?
Image credit: Amazon Prime

New episodes promise gore and more.

The Boys Season 4 first teaser trailer has landed on all the official Amazon Prime accounts and sent fans into a frenzy, reminding them how high the stakes really are for the characters in the Vought-controlled universe, where the traditional good guys (superheroes) are corrupt and evil and their adversaries are sympathetic and relatable, but absolutely all of them are violent.

In under two minutes, a video consisting of scenes from Season 4, which will hit our screens sometime in 2024, teases some major arcs and twists for the Seven and the Boys. Here's what we can predict based on it.

Homelander's Trial

This is something we already expected based on the Season 3 finale. Even in the lawless corporate Boysverse (which is so reminiscent of the reality we live in), the murder of an innocent person in front of several witnesses has to be punished.

So Homelander will have to stand trial, which, judging by his triumphant look in the trailer, will exonerate him. On top of that, the trial promises to be another potential bloodbath as Homelander supporters attack a much smaller crowd of Starlighters.

Presidential Election

Another anticipated event in Season 4 is the presidential election, which is expected to end with Robert Singer's victory. This makes Victoria Neuman Vice President and gives her and her ally, Homelander, more power and immunity.

The Seven

The trailer gives a first look at the new composition of the Seven. Two new Supes will replace the deceased members. Sister Sage's dialog with Homelander serves as voiceover for the teaser. And she and Firecracker are seen sharing the stage with their new leader.

We also see that Black Noir is still on the team, even though he was killed by Homelander last season. Looks like Vought decided to discreetly replace a Supe inside the costume instead of making Black Noir's death public.

The Boys

The Butcher's Boys will also welcome a new member according to the trailer. While we still don't know who Jeffrey Dean Morgan is playing, he looks like an old friend of Butcher's who is even allowed to poke fun at him.

Younger Generation

The teaser also shows two violent young Supes, a girl with snake-like tendrils attacking Kimiko, and a superstrong boy throwing a man against a building wall and smashing him.

The boy's face is not shown in the video, but judging by his appearance, we can assume that he is none other than Ryan. Well, like father, like son, we suppose.

Are you looking forward to Season 4 of The Boys?