The Boys Inventory: All New Supes Introduced In Gen V And Their Powers

The Boys Inventory: All New Supes Introduced In Gen V And Their Powers
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The premiere season of Gen V greatly expanded The Boys universe by introducing a bunch of new characters.

The Boys spinoff revolves around Godolkin University (God U), its current and former Compound V-infused students, and the vast Vought conspiracy unfolding within its walls (or rather, under its floors).

Protagonist Marie Monroe, a blood-bending Supe with an idealistic view of Vought and the world where superheroes exist, is among the group of students who uncover the conspiracy. It turns out that God U is a front for a secret testing facility where young Supes with mental problems are experimented on.

What seems like years of torture leads to the creation of the virus that can infect and kill Supes. And there's no doubt that this storyline will play a major role in the upcoming Season 4 of The Boys. On top of that, some characters from Gen V may find their way to the original series.

So let's make a kind of Supe inventory and list all the new players.

New Characters

In addition to ordinary humans Indira Shetty, the dean of the university, and scientist Dr. Edison Cardosa, who both played a major role in the creation of the Supe virus and were killed off at the end of Gen V Season 1, the show introduced over twenty new Supes.

With so many new characters, it can be easy to get confused, so here's a full list of all the new Supes and their powers, along with some notes to help you keep track of them.

God U Students

  1. Marie Moreau – hemokinesis (manipulating and sensing blood)
  2. Emma Meyer – self-size alteration (altering her size by purging or eating)
  3. Jordan Li – gender transformation (producing energy blasts as female, possessing superhuman agility as male)
  4. Andre Anderson – magnetic powers (manipulating metals)
  5. Polarity (Andre's father) – magnetic powers (manipulating metals)
  6. Cate Dunlap – telepathy (persuasion by touch, mind reading, astral projection)
  7. Sam Riordan – superhuman strength and leap (enhanced Supe qualities)
  8. Luke Riordan – thermonuclear powers (conjuring fire)
  9. Rufus – telepathy, clairvoyance (controlling people's minds at close range, foreseeing future events)
  10. Justine Garcia (social media influencer) – regenerative healing (quick recovery from an injury)
  11. Harper – prehensile tail
  12. Dusty – decelerated aging
  13. The Incredible Steve – regenerative healing factor (regenerating damaged body tissues)
  14. Tyler Oppenheim (Jordan's fling) – intangibility (moving through solid objects)
  15. Steve – cryokinetic breath (generating and manipulating ice)
  16. Liam (Emma's one–time lover) – powers unknown

The Woods Test Subjects

  1. Betsy (died from the virus) – electricity generation
  2. Andy (infected by the virus, presumed dead) – powers unknown
  3. Glowing Eyes Supe (killed by Marie) – heat vision (generating concentrated beam of heat from eyes)
  4. Sweaty Supe (killed by Marie) – heat generation (melting through solid objects)
  5. Shredded Shirt Supe (killed by Marie) – teleportation
  6. Bleeding Ears Supe – sonic roar (manipulating sound)