Sugar & Spice: 6 Most Dramatic Moments In Virgin River Holiday Specials

Sugar & Spice: 6 Most Dramatic Moments In Virgin River Holiday Specials
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Our beloved characters have a lot to explore in Season 6.

The Virgin River holiday specials have become the perfect way to kick off the festive season. With its cozy Christmas atmosphere, Season 5 Part 2 feels like a welcome evolution from the somewhat heavy arcs of Part 1.

But you can't make the perfect holiday drink without a little spice. And the holiday episodes offer just that - a dash of drama that makes the story much more exciting and builds up to Season 6.

Here are six major arcs that had us freaking out a little.

Charmaine & Calvin

It may be hard to believe, but Charmaine finally gave birth to her twins on Christmas Eve. Even though it was premature, everything is fine and everyone is healthy. However, there was a lot of drama in the moments leading up to the birth.

Calvin came to see Charmaine again and demanded to be a part of the twins' life, which stressed her out and triggered the contractions. Mel happened to be there, so she now knows Charmaine's secret. There's no doubt that this storyline will continue to develop in unexpected ways.

Lizzie & Deidre

Everything seems to be perfect in the lives of Doc and Hope, except for Doc's health scare. They are re-engaged and have won the Christmas tree decorating contest. But the drama came from Lizzie's side when she hesitated to tell her mother about her pregnancy.

Of course, Deidre found out anyway and was disheartened by both her daughter taking on such a big responsibility at such a young age and hiding it from her. By the end of the special, however, they had a heart-to-heart and smoothed things over. Now everyone is on board with the new baby.

Brady & Jimmy

Probably the biggest shocker of the specials was the phone call between Brady's new girlfriend, Lark, and Jimmy, a known criminal who is currently incarcerated and has a long-standing feud with Brady.

It turned out that Jimmy is actually the father of Lark's daughter and is plotting revenge. Lark plays Brady. The poor guy can't seem to get a break.

Preacher & Kaia

The new relationship is developing quickly and happily for Preacher. He even told Kaia that he loved her and she found a new job in Virgin River to stay with him.

But things got complicated when the burned body found in the woods was identified as Wes'. Now Preacher is in the crosshairs again. Poor fellow.

Cameron & Muriel

The new fan-favorite couple is also going through their own drama. Cameron's ex-fiancée, Michelle, showed up with an offer to start over. And while Cameron responded that he was happy with Muriel now, it was not that simple for Muriel.

She told him she was not ready to have children and encouraged him to reconsider his intentions. Is this the end for the couple?

Mel & Everett

The biggest storyline of the specials was the search for Mel's father, which Mel and Jack went through hand in hand. The father turned out to be a completely new character, Everett Reid, and at first he seemed not at all happy to see his biological daughter at his doorstep, practically slamming the door in her face.

This caused Mel all kinds of grief. Fortunately, Everett came to his senses in the end and asked Mel to take him into her life. But before she does, he has to tell her something important. And that's a cliffhanger we'll have to live with for many months until Season 6 comes out.

Did you enjoy the Virgin River Christmas specials?