Star Wars Fans Won't Let Adam Driver Forget One Scene... And It's Not The Pants

Star Wars Fans Won't Let Adam Driver Forget One Scene... And It's Not The Pants
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Will we ever be able to get over this moment?


  • Many years after the end of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, its star, Adam Driver, is still regularly reminded by fans of one of his scenes.
  • The actor told Chris Wallace that people can't get over a pivotal moment that launched his character's arc.
  • Though the scene hit viewers hard, the actor remembers it fondly thanks to his experience on set.

It's been almost four years since the polarizing Star Wars sequel trilogy ended with The Rise of Skywalker. But to this day, fans continue to have heated discussions about its characters, storylines, creative choices... everything, really.

And they're not letting the star of the trilogy, Adam Driver, who played the main antagonist Kylo Ren, forget about one particularly viral scene.

'Somebody reminds me about that every day,' Driver recently shared while chatting with Chris Wallace.

If you immediately thought of The Last Jedi's highest-pants-in-the-galaxy scene, which became one of the best memes of 2017 known as Ben Swolo or Shirtless Kylo Ren, people aren't that cruel. Or they are, depending on how you look at it.

People can't get over Han Solo's death

The scene that apparently still gives Adam Driver nightmares is Kylo Ren killing his father, Han Solo, played by the legendary Harrison Ford, in the final heartbreaking moments of The Force Awakens.

Many Star War fans just can't get over the death of everyone's favorite charming and sarcastic ruthless smuggler from the original trilogy. Some even feel that the creation of the sequel trilogy was not worth the sacrifice.

And they keep Adam Driver informed of their feelings. In previous interviews, Driver recalled how terrified he was for people to see the infamous scene. And it looks like his worries were not in vain.

When Chris Wallace asked if Driver is really reminded of Han Solo every day, the actor elaborated on his answer.

'Not every day, but yeah,' he said. 'It used to be more, but now it's probably once a month someone will let me know that I killed Han Solo.'

Death scene was heartbreaking but powerful

While crucial to the development of Kylo Ren's arc, Han Solo's death is a dark and highly emotional moment. The father takes the opportunity to convince his son, whom he clearly loves no matter what, to abandon the dark side and join him and his mother, Leia Organa, in the Resistance.

Kylo asks for his support and help, and when Han agrees, he lights his lightsaber and impales his father, killing him. However, Han's final act is to caress his son's face as if he will never stop seeing the light in him.

Whether you loved or hated this stunning and tear-jerking scene, you can't deny that it was a powerful farewell for the iconic character.

Contrary to the fans, Adam Driver associates the scene with warm emotions, mainly referring to its filming.

'It was very emotional, actually, shooting it with Harrison,' Driver said. 'Harrison was so generous and contemplative, and to me, that was a great moment on set, actually, even though it was his death.'

Source: CNN.

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