Soap Opera Fuel: 5 Craziest Virgin River S6 Theories

Soap Opera Fuel: 5 Craziest Virgin River S6 Theories
Image credit: Netflix

Which wild prediction can actually come true?

Season 5 of Virgin River ended on a festive note with two holiday episodes that left fans with mixed feelings. On the one hand, we got some exciting, long-awaited developments like the birth of Charmaine's twins and Doc and Hope's re-engagement.

On the other hand, the specials threw in new cliffhangers that we will be obsessing over for at least a year until Season 6 lands on Netflix. What did Mel's father want to tell her? What will happen to Muriel and Cameron's relationship? Will Brady ever catch a break?

These and other questions keep nagging at us, and the rational storylines don't seem to sit well with the show's creators. So why not let our imaginations run wild and think of the craziest twists that could happen in Season 6?

After all, just this year we had the Mel's dad arc and Calvin's paternity twist, which last year would have sounded like a joke. So we present to you the most ridiculous Virgin River theories that could come true next year.

1. Mel is Charmaine's half-sister

The confession that Everett Reid was about to make in the final moments of Season 5 could be related to his other family living in Virgin River. And the most soap-opera-like plot line would be to make him Charmaine's father, too. That would reconnect Mel and Jack with the twins. And if something bad happens to Charmaine (which is not that far-fetched), they can adopt them.

2. Muriel ends up with Everett

The romance between Muriel and Cameron seems to be over. The children issue is bound to put a strain on their relationship, causing Cameron to return to his ex-fiancée and probably leave Virgin River for good. This leaves Muriel available for a new affair, and Mel's dad seems like a good choice, doesn't he?

3. Muriel ends up with Nick

On the other hand, we have Jack's dad, who has just accepted that his marriage is over. He could also be an intriguing option for Muriel's new love interest. We know, we know, we should hold our horses because Muriel and Cameron are not over yet. But we are firing the bizarre theories here, right?

Who do you think Muriel will end up with?

4. The baby is Lizzie and Ricky's

Why not create another paternal mystery? If there is one thing we know about Virgin River, it is that everyone is doing genetic testing all the time and things never go smoothly. So our cockeyed theory is that Lizzie and Danny's fast-moving happiness will be interrupted by the return of Ricky, who is the baby's real father.

5. Brie saves Brady

Brady is obviously in danger because of the whole Jimmy and Lark conspiracy thing. So our irrational prediction here is that Brie will come into the picture and somehow save her ex, rekindling their relationship along the way. Why? Because they still have that electric chemistry, the Christmas specials have shown as much.