So What Is Gold Star in Criminal Minds: Evolution? 5 Biggest Fan Theories

So What Is Gold Star in Criminal Minds: Evolution? 5 Biggest Fan Theories
Image credit: Paramount+

Which one seems most plausible to you?

The latest update from Paget Brewster on Criminal Minds: Evolution suggests that the wheels are in motion for the Paramount+ revival of the iconic police procedural, and that Season 2 could arrive as early as mid-2024.

The next installment will undoubtedly pick up right where Season 1 left off, delving into the mystery of Gold Star mentioned by Elias Voit aka Sicarius in the finale.

When casually dropped in a conversation, the term served as a trigger for the murder of Deputy Director Bailey, the upheaval within the FBI, and the special treatment of the prolific serial killer. So viewers are extremely intrigued by the cliffhanger and can't wait to explore it in upcoming episodes.

In the meantime, the show's massive fanbase is coming up with their own theories about Gold Star's origin, and here are the most intriguing ones.

Theory 1. Reid and Simmons' Secret Mission

This is probably the most exciting theory because it teases the return of beloved agents Spencer Reid and Matt Simmons, whose absence in the revival was explained by some top-secret FBI mission.

There are no details, but if Gold Star turns out to be the name of this operation, Voit's knowledge of it would certainly be considered a threat to both the mission and the agents.

Theory 2. US Military Conspiracy

In the U.S. military, a gold star is a symbol of a family member who died while serving the country. Because of this, some fans have theorized that the Criminal Minds Gold Star could be related to a government conspiracy to cover up the deaths of military personnel.

This would mean that Season 2 will feature new characters, U.S. military agents, working with the BAU and possibly even threatening its existence.

Theory 3. Secret Assassin Program

Cyrus Lebrun's references to Voit having killer blood in his veins led some viewers to believe that Gold Star might be a Bourne-like program to create super-assassins to do the government's dirty work.

If Cyrus was once part of that program, it would explain how he and Elias managed to stay off the FBI's radar.

Theory 4. Agent Gone Rogue

Some fans have speculated that Gold Star could be another, even bigger serial killer who was once an FBI agent or part of a government program.

If so, Voit may have stumbled upon the mystery person while building his deadly network, and his knowledge of the killer's whereabouts is why the FBI is willing to make a deal with him.

Theory 5. 'Dead' Agent

When viewers saw stars on the wall with portraits of dead FBI agents, the theory was born that Gold Star could represent an agent who has gone into hiding for some reason and is presumed dead, much like Emily Prentiss in Season 6 of the original series.

That would explain why Voit's words alarmed the FBI brass. But it's unclear who this agent might be. Only one major character, Jason Gideon, has been killed off during the series.

It is doubtful that Mandy Patinkin would be interested in reprising his role, but if he did, what a thrill it would be! Right?

Would you be excited to see Jason Gideon on screen again?