Severance Is Finally Back On Track. So When Can We Expect Season 2?

Severance Is Finally Back On Track. So When Can We Expect Season 2?
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The show seems to have made it out of production hell.


  • Apple TV+'s Severance has become a huge hit with critics and viewers alike.
  • The masterful execution of the show's compelling premise made Season 2 one of the most anticipated streaming events.
  • Unfortunately, the season fell into production hell due to Hollywood strikes and rumored behind-the-scenes drama.
  • Earlier this week, however, Apple finally announced the resumption of filming, and based on the Season 1 timeline, we can theorize when Season 2 will land on the platform.

Back in 2022 (God, can you believe it's been that long?), the first season of Severance sent a shockwave through Apple TV+'s massive audience. The streaming platform is known for its high-quality, one-of-a-kind shows, but Dan Erickson's series stands out even among them.

Appeal of Severance

The twisted psychological thriller is based on the technology that allows a giant fictional corporation to switch the minds of its employees from a work mode to a non-work one and vice versa, essentially creating two different people in one body - one who never works and another who never leaves the office.

This process is called 'severance', and the show's creators managed to make the most of this wonderfully weird and complex idea, throwing many logic puzzles and moral questions at the viewers. And the viewers loved it!

Severance quickly became the talk of the town, won numerous awards, and was renewed for a second season even before the first finale aired. But almost two years have passed since then. And we are still waiting.

Production Hell & Good News

Severance seems to have gone through all kinds of events that stalled its production. Season 1 was postponed due to the COVID pandemic, and Season 2 fell into production hell due to the Hollywood strikes and the rumored rift between creator Dan Erickson and producer Mark Friedman.

PuckNews even went so far as to report that the two 'hated each other', and producer Ben Stiller had to turn to X (Twitter) to deny the rumors about the toxic environment on set.

In any case, the shooting of Season 2, which started in October 2022 and was scheduled to end in May 2023, has just resumed a few days ago, as confirmed by the official accounts of Apple TV+.

To announce the happy news, the platform simply posted a picture of Adam Scott, who plays the protagonist of the series, running in front of the cameras, which sent Severance fans into a frenzy.

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Season 2 Premiere

This is all very exciting and nice, you might say, but when exactly can we expect the release of Season 2?

Well, neither the creators nor the studio are in a hurry to make this information public. But we can speculate based on the timeline of the premiere season.

Filming for the season lasted seven months, from November 2020 to June 2021. Considering that Season 2 started filming in October 2022 before the writers' strike interrupted the process, we can assume that there are only a couple of months left to complete production.

Post-production on the first installment took another seven months. So if all goes well and there is no more behind-the-scenes drama, we could be looking at a Season 2 premiere before the end of 2024, which is great news considering how much we want to know what happens after the mind-blowing Season 1 cliffhanger.

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