Seinfeld Cast's Best Post-Seinfeld Roles, Ranked

Seinfeld Cast's Best Post-Seinfeld Roles, Ranked
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Ever wondered what your favorite actors from the "show about nothing" have been up to since they left Monk's Café?

10. Julia Louis-Dreyfus in "Veep" (2012–2019)
Seinfeld Cast's Best Post-Seinfeld Roles, Ranked - image 1You adored her as Elaine, but man, you're gonna worship her as Selina Meyer, the Vice President of the United States. After her boss steps down, Selina is suddenly thrust into the highest office in the land. She deals with political scandals, bumbling aides, and countless gaffes.

It's a comedy of errors in the White House, and Selina makes decisions that often bite her in the back. From botching a hostage rescue mission to hilariously misunderstanding the American economy, she's politics at its most laughably dysfunctional.

9. Jason Alexander in "Shallow Hal" (2001)
Seinfeld Cast's Best Post-Seinfeld Roles, Ranked - image 2Meet Mauricio, Hal's best buddy in "Shallow Hal." Hal, a shallow guy fixated on physical beauty, is hypnotized to see inner beauty. When he falls for Rosemary, Mauricio's jealousy kicks in. He worries that Rosemary, who is obese but lovely inside, will hurt Hal's reputation.

Mauricio finds a way to reverse the hypnosis, but his own shallowness gets exposed when his tail – yes, an actual tail – is revealed.

8. Michael Richards in "Trial and Error" (1997)
Seinfeld Cast's Best Post-Seinfeld Roles, Ranked - image 3Remember Kramer? Here he's an actor-turned-legal-stand-in named Richard, tasked to fill in for Charles, a lawyer. Charles is bedridden and can't defend a client, an eccentric man accused of fraud. Richard takes over, turning the courtroom into a circus. There's a cow that shows up as evidence and Richard dressing up in outrageous costumes to prove points.

Despite his lack of legal knowledge, Richard manages to make the trial a must-see spectacle.

7. Jerry Seinfeld in "Comedian" (2002)
Seinfeld Cast's Best Post-Seinfeld Roles, Ranked - image 4Okay, so Jerry plays himself, but this isn't "Seinfeld" round two. This documentary follows Jerry as he starts anew in the world of stand-up comedy. He scraps his old material and starts from scratch, playing small comedy clubs to test out jokes. It's a humbling journey as we see him bomb and succeed in equal measure. At one point, he even forgets his lines on stage, causing awkward silence until he gets back on track.

6. Julia Louis-Dreyfus in "The New Adventures of Old Christine" (2006–2010)
Seinfeld Cast's Best Post-Seinfeld Roles, Ranked - image 5Julia is back, but this time as Christine Campbell, a divorced mom who runs a gym for women. When her ex-husband starts dating another woman – also named Christine – she starts to question her self-worth.

A series of misunderstandings and awkward situations follow. For instance, Christine mistakenly thinks her ex wants to get back together and makes a fool of herself trying to win him back. She also struggles with parenting, often butting heads with the 'meanie moms' at her son's school.

5. Jason Alexander in "Listen Up!" (2004–2005)
Seinfeld Cast's Best Post-Seinfeld Roles, Ranked - image 6Jason Alexander is Tony Kleinman, a sports talk show host. Loosely based on the life of sports columnist Tony Kornheiser, this series follows Tony juggling between work, family, and his larger-than-life ego.

His daughter works on a school report that portrays him as an inattentive dad, and he goes overboard trying to prove her wrong. And then there's the episode where he adopts a dog to show his compassionate side but ends up regretting it when the dog becomes a handful.

4. Jerry Seinfeld in "Bee Movie" (2007)
Seinfeld Cast's Best Post-Seinfeld Roles, Ranked - image 7Yeah, it's that movie – Jerry voices Barry B. Benson, a bee who just graduated from college and is disillusioned by the idea of working in honey production forever. When Barry ventures out of the hive and befriends a human named Vanessa, his whole perspective changes. He discovers that humans are stealing bees' honey and decides to sue them.

A courtroom drama unfolds with animals testifying, and believe it or not, the bees win! But the victory leads to an ecological disaster, forcing Barry to find a way to restore balance.

3. Wayne Knight in "3rd Rock from the Sun" (1996–2001)
Seinfeld Cast's Best Post-Seinfeld Roles, Ranked - image 8He's not Newman anymore; he's Officer Don Orville. Don is a cop who falls for Sally Solomon, who's actually an alien disguised as a human. The show is a laugh riot, with Don often caught in absurd situations because of the Solomons' lack of understanding of human customs. For instance, Don has to explain why running naked in a park isn't acceptable and deal with the family's quirky antics.

2. Michael Richards in "UHF" (1989)
Seinfeld Cast's Best Post-Seinfeld Roles, Ranked - image 9Richards ditches the Kramer act to play Stanley Spadowski, a janitor turned children's show host in this comedy flick. When George Newman (played by Weird Al Yankovic) takes over a failing TV station, Stanley gets fired from his janitor job and ends up hosting a kids' show called "Stanley Spadowski's Clubhouse."

His nonsensical but entertaining antics, like allowing kids to drink from a fire hose, turn the show into a massive hit and save the station from bankruptcy.

1. Julia Louis-Dreyfus in "Enough Said" (2013)
Seinfeld Cast's Best Post-Seinfeld Roles, Ranked - image 10Julia plays Eva, a divorced masseuse who starts dating Albert, played by James Gandolfini. She finds out that her new best friend, Marianne, is Albert's ex-wife. Marianne keeps trash-talking her ex-husband, leaving Eva in a predicament. She starts to nitpick and doubt her relationship with Albert without revealing her connection to Marianne. Eva's secret starts to strain her relationship, and the lies start piling up.