Season 4 First Posters Don't Look Good for Butcher and The Boys

Season 4 First Posters Don't Look Good for Butcher and The Boys
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So far, the next installment looks like a celebration of Homelander.


  • The Boys' official accounts recently released Season 4 new posters.
  • The posters give 2024 as the premiere window for the new entry.
  • Besides, they show Homelander and Billy Butcher in very different positions.
  • Homelander looks triumphant, teasing new victories for him in the future episodes.
  • Butcher looks somewhat sad and disappointed, suggesting that his Season 4 arc won't be that smooth and joyful.

The eight-episode run of Gen V seems to have only increased our craving for the new season of The Boys. Before the spinoff, we last saw Billy Butcher, his vigilante gang and mortal enemies in the summer of 2022. And let's face it, that's a long time, and we miss them all, even Homelander.

It looks like the wait for Season 4 won't be too long (at least not another year). Creator Eric Kripke has posted a new update that sounds very promising.

'Editing: done. VFX: halfway done. Music & sound: quarter done. Now that the SAG strike is over (yay), the actors can record additional dialogue. No airdate yet, but will be worth the wait. It could be our best season. For sure our craziest,' the showrunner wrote on X.

The Boys' official accounts furthered Kripke's claim by sharing first-look posters for the upcoming season. The posters feature the Prime Video series' main adversaries, Homelander and Billy Butcher, in positions that heavily hint at their Season 4 arcs.

Check out the new posters below.

What the first look posters tell us about The Boys Season 4

First of all, the little 2024 at the bottom of the posters gives us a release window for the season. Yeah, it's a damn wide window, but we're hoping new episodes will hit our screens sooner rather than later. Eric Kripke's update certainly teases that.

Secondly, the images give us an idea of the situations and emotional states the main characters will find themselves in.

Season 3 ended with the Boys reuniting to hit Homelander hard with the help of Soldier Boy. But the final battle was nothing like they expected. Not only was the leader of the Seven not defeated, but he teamed up with Victoria Neuman to win the upcoming election, took full control of Ryan, and started killing civilians in broad daylight.

While it was teased in Gen V that the Homelander would be put on trial for the death of the protester in Season 4, it looks like he is going to come out on top. The finale of the spinoff also reinforced his leadership position in Vought, which tells us that he is no longer limited by anyone or anything.

The posters confirm this. Homelander's pose is nothing short of triumphant. This diabolical Supe seems to have life itself in his grasp.

Butcher, on the other hand, doesn't look so chirpy as he stands among the fallen red, blue, and white balloons. He is clearly not enjoying this celebration of Homelander and probably regrets losing Ryan.

We know that in Season 4, Butcher and the Boys will be up to their necks in the search for the Gen V Supe virus, which may be able to kill Homelander. But considering that Victoria Neuman now has it, the mission doesn't promise to be easy or fun.

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Who do you think is the main reason why Butcher looks so down on his poster?