S3 Update From Inside Sources Gives OFMD Fans New Hope

S3 Update From Inside Sources Gives OFMD Fans New Hope
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Does OFMD have a chance to be renewed for the final season?

The battle for Our Flag Means Death (OFMD) continues. David Jenkins' period queer romantic sitcom has had a unique path on HBO Max.

Remarkable Voyage

When the show first landed on Max in March 2022, neither the creator nor the cast could have predicted that the quirky story of Rhys Darby's Stede Bonnet, a wealthy Barbadian landowner who leaves his family and life as a gentleman to buy a ship and become a rather bumbling pirate captain, would become a sleeper hit beloved by millions.

But the impeccable writing, exemplary character work and, of course, Stede's unexpected but utterly endearing romance with legendary pirate Blackbeard (Taika Waititi) enchanted viewers and ensured that by the time Season 2 premiered in October 2023, the show would be getting all the love and ratings its massive fanbase could provide.

Sudden Cancellation

However, it seems that this was not enough for Max. While OFMD was reportedly Max's most popular show for several weeks in a row, the streaming giant decided not to renew it for another season and hit fans with the cancellation announcement earlier this month.

This news sent the dedicated OFMD fanbase into a panic mode. Especially since David Jenkins had always made it clear that he had a three-part plan for the series, and all members of the cast and crew were on board.

Now, fans can't imagine not being able to see the end of the epic pirate love story. But they are not ready to give up and accept Max's decision just yet. Even more so since it seems that the streamer's decision-makers were not all in agreement.

Inside Information

A few days ago, new information about OFMD Season 3 appeared in fan discussions. Thus, X account @TheCozyPirate shared that, according to inside sources, the show was very close to being renewed.

Even the filming in New Zealand was pre-scheduled for May-September this year. But the axe came unexpectedly. And it likely came from higher up.

What does it give us? Understanding that there are people in Max's offices who might still be willing to save OFMD gives new hope.

'It certainly transforms how I feel, from sadness and despair into anger and energy for action,' a fan commented on the update. 'Now fighting for season 3 feels not-crazy and even a little hopeful.'

Fans feel that all is not lost for the beloved show. Max's decision could still be reversed, or OFMD could be picked up by another network. And they are fighting for it.


Since Max pulled the plug on OFMD, fans have organized an unprecedented campaign to cancel that decision.

Thousands took to social media with the hashtags #SaveOFMD and #RenewAsACrew, blasting Max with the sheer volume and love for the pirate sitcom.

The Renew as a Crew website went live and the petition, already signed by over 50K supporters, was created. People are writing emails, filling out Max feedback forms, and engaging with their social media accounts, not forgetting to include gratitude to those who supposedly supported OFMD.

All to save the beloved series. And we certainly hope that this beautiful battle will lead to victorious results. We are not yet ready to say goodbye to the captains and crew of The Revenge.

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