Recent Leaks Could Actually Bode Well for House of the Dragon

Recent Leaks Could Actually Bode Well for House of the Dragon
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Does the lack of major characters mean a slower pace for Season 2?


  • Daeron Targaryen and Nettles the Dragonseed may not appear in Season 2.
  • Fans are frustrated by the possibility that the characters, who play a major role in the source material, will be completely cut from the show.
  • But there is another possibility that is actually good for the Max series.
  • If Daeron and Nettles are introduced in Season 3 instead, it would mean that Season 2 will move at a slower pace, which is a nice change for the series.

Unlike a lot of other shows, House of the Dragon Season 2 has been doing its UK-based production in the midst of the Hollywood strikes and has a good chance of premiering in the summer of 2024.

With almost two years between seasons, fans are doing their best to scrape together every crumb of information about the second chapter of the Game of Thrones prequel. What part of George R.R. Martin's Fire & Blood will be adapted for Season 2? What will happen to the main characters? When will other key players be introduced?

Regarding the latter question, the Westeros fandom was recently sent into a frenzy by the rumor that two major characters from Fire & Blood, Daeron Targaryen and Nettles the Dragonseed, will not appear in Season 2.

Since many fans have been anticipating the casting of these characters, they are frustrated by the news. But what if the leak is not so bad for the show?

How did the leak happen?

The rumor originated on the Portuguese X fan account @housethedragons, which cited an inside source when it broke the news.

'We have heard from an inside source that neither Daeron Targaryen nor Nettles are in the cast of House of the Dragon S2,' read the tweet that caused a stir in the fandom.

Until we get official confirmation, this remains speculation. But given the large roles both characters play in the Dance of the Dragons civil war, the speculation certainly deserves attention.

Who are Daeron and Nettles?

Daeron Targaryen is the third son and fourth child in total of Viserys and Alicent. A dragonrider from an early age, he played a major role in some of the key events of the books and at one point became the greatest threat to Rhaenyra's rule, leading many fans to question his absence from the series.

Nettles the Dragonseed is a fearless, clever, and brave girl who managed to tame a wild dragon and become part of Rhaenyra's army. She had a close relationship with Daemon Targaryen that many considered romantic.

Why is it good that they are missing?

If we consider that Daeron and Nettles have been cut out of the show entirely, this is frustrating news. But if their introduction is delayed until Season 3, it would mean that Season 2 will move at a slower pace, giving the already introduced characters enough time to shine. It would also mean that major battles involving Daeron and Nettles, such as the Battle of the Gullet, would be featured in future seasons.

Such a slow-burning plot would be a welcome change after the time-jumping events of Season 1, wouldn't it?

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Would you prefer House of the Dragon Season 2 to move slower or faster?