Perfect Confrontation: Newly Teased Bridgerton S3 Scene Ticks All Fans' Boxes

Perfect Confrontation: Newly Teased Bridgerton S3 Scene Ticks All Fans' Boxes
Image credit: Netflix

We got everything we wanted and more.


  • Netflix has released a new teaser for Bridgerton Season 3 as part of the virtual Valentine's Day event dedicated to the show.
  • The one-minute clip shows Penelope confronting Colin for his hurtful words in the Season 2 finale.
  • And fans are on cloud nine about how perfect the scene is.

Ever since Colin Bridgerton uttered his thoughtless and hurtful 'I would never dream of courting Penelope Featherington' in the Season 2 finale, the massive Bridgerton fandom has been replaying that brief scene and creating various punishment scenarios in their minds.

Colin deserves to suffer (at least for a little while) for his self-centered attitude, and the realization of what he did by belittling Pen in front of the gentlemen of the ton has to hit him hard. That's what the fans have decided in the nearly two years that have passed since the release of Season 2.

Numerous fanfics, posts, and video edits of Penelope confronting Colin were created by passionate viewers. And it seems the showmakers have been paying attention. The new teaser shown by Netflix during the special Valentine's Day virtual event dedicated to Bridgerton proves it.

Confrontation Bingo

In the one-minute scene from Episode 1, set outside Lady Danbury's mansion during what appears to be the first ball of the season, we see Pen confronting Colin about his words.

This dialog is a real gut punch, right? And it seems ripped from a Bridgerton fan's dream book. In such a short time, the creators and stars have managed to check off every fan box. Let's take a closer look.

  • Glow-Up - First of all, Pen has a new look and it is just wow. She is gorgeous and that deep diamond green we see on the cover for this season looks amazing on her. Check.
  • Cold Shoulder - It is clear that Penelope is holding a grudge against Colin and has stopped swooning over every little bit of attention from him like she used to. Instead, she gives the third Bridgerton the cold shoulder, which is a great wake-up call for him. Check.
  • Mr. Bridgerton - Penelope says her carefully crafted 'Good night, Mr. Bridgerton' and it's exactly what the fans have been dreaming of for months. Check.
  • No Replies - Colin says that Pen hasn't been replying to his usual letters from his travels, as she always used to do before. This should have been a big red flag, but he is still too self-absorbed to understand it. Check.
  • Calling-Out - Now, the main part of the video is, of course, Pen calling Colin out for what he said last season. It is perfect. Pen's anger, Colin's sudden realization, immediate remorse, and the long stare at the end. Oof. Our little wallflower can stand up for herself. Check.

Additional Goodies

In addition to the parts of the confrontation that fans expected, the scene has a few details that were a pleasant surprise.

The first big takeaway from the clip is heartbreaking. Based on Pen's words, we can assume that the first ball of the season didn't go the way she hoped. If the fancy new wardrobe did draw attention, it was certainly not the attention of potential suitors. Likely, Pen suffered a humiliation and that will be hard to watch.

Second, all of Colin's 'Do you need a chaperone?', 'You are not a spinster,' 'I miss you' are hilarious. He expects Pen to fall at his feet like she always does, and when she doesn't, he can't help but make these desperate moves to win her back. Chaotic Colin in all his glory. More of this is sure to come and we can't wait.

Was the confrontation scene everything you were looking for?