Opinions That Can Get You In Trouble With Friends Fandom

Opinions That Can Get You In Trouble With Friends Fandom
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See if you are with the majority.

Next year marks the 30th anniversary of Friends. Even though the show was released that long ago, its fandom hasn't gotten any smaller or less passionate about its beloved Manhattan-based characters.

The streaming platforms allow new generations of viewers to get hooked on the twists and turns of the lives and relationships of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross.

Because the Friend phenomenon has been around for so long, there are some prevailing views and opinions that the majority of new viewers can't help but agree with. If you object to one or a few of these common beliefs, you run the risk of being downvoted in any fan discussion. Even if your opinion is well reasoned.

Here are a few examples.

1. Being a surrogate for your brother is not that weird

Phoebe becoming a surrogate for her younger brother Frank Jr. and his wife Alice is a long-running gag on Friends. Most fans find it weird and kind of creepy, echoing the show's incestuous jokes.

But in real life, using a family member as a surrogate is not only acceptable, it's preferable because of the genetic and psychological connection.

2. Joey & Rachel were great together

The storyline of Joey falling in love with a pregnant Rachel is hated by many fans. But if you think about it, Rachel and Joey are a much better couple than Rachel and Ross. They are kindred spirits and have that friendship bond which helps marriages last for decades.

3. Phoebe should have ended up with David

Phoebe's greatest love interests were Mike and David. And while Paul Rudd's Mike ended up as Phoebe's husband and is adored by many viewers, the couple had too little on-screen chemistry. David and Phoebe, on the other hand, were perfect for each other and their dynamic was off the charts.

4. Rachel was just as bad in relationships as Ross

The popular opinion is that Ross was terrible in his relationships and Rachel deserved better. But in reality, they both created the mess we saw by the end of the show. Rachel had just as many red flags as Ross. She neglected and gaslighted him repeatedly. And she refused to accept Ross, constantly trying to manipulate him into changing.

5. They were on a break

The most popular dispute in the show and inherently in the Friends fandom is whether Ross and Rachel were on a break when Ross slept with the copy girl. If you say they technically were, you risk getting some angry comments from Rachel's supporters.

6. They were not on a break

...But if you say they weren't, you'll get in trouble with the Ross gang, who will remind you that it was Rachel who suggested the break. Basically, this is the one issue that the fans can't agree on. So any opinion is unpopular here.