Not Just Jim's Wife: 5 Times The Office's Pam Proved She's The Best At Comebacks

Not Just Jim's Wife: 5 Times The Office's Pam Proved She's The Best At Comebacks
Image credit: NBC

Pam has mastered the art of the sick burn.

At first, Pam Beesly seemed like that modest and sweet receptionist who was written into The Office just for the sake of a romantic subplot. But as time went on, the character changed and got the full-on sass that flashed in her communication with annoying co-workers.

Over time, Pam proved herself to be a straight-up savage who casually drops the world's greatest comebacks. Here are five most brilliant examples.


S4E17 Job Fair

Pam was probably Michael's best and most caring friend in the whole office, except for the time when he was dating her mom. So she always took his nonsense with grace and humor. One of Pam's best retorts to Michael came when he made her take only one piece of paper to a job fair.

The way Pam does the 'Pam, Pam, Pam' impression is hilarious and makes you hear Michael every time. It certainly helps that Michael says exactly the same thing just minutes later.

Why didn't Pam take more paper, knowing Michael? Well, we would say driving around in solitude is much better than getting second-hand embarrassment from your boss.


S5E9 Frame Toby

Pam and Ryan were such a great comedic combo on The Office that it is hard to pick just one line from their exchanges. When Pam called Ryan out on the whole Smokey Robinson fake death thing, when she booed him on a horse, or any other time she rubbed his nose in it with a clever response were all amazing.

But we chose the microwave wars. ‘I guess that’s why we have a temp, huh?’ and ‘How would wiping it with a paper towel make it worse?’ are just unforgettable.

Girl Bully

S8E17 Test the Store

Remember when Andy claimed to have been beaten up by a gang and Toby taught everyone self-defense? Later it turned out that some girl bully had hit Andy in the parking lot, and when her mother dragged her into the office to apologize, she and Pam had the best exchange.

‘How about we wait till next year after you have your kid?’

Oof. Sick burn. Nobody calls Pam Beesly 'chubby'! She just had her baby!


S9E16 Moving On

Many viewers hated the time when Andy returned from his three-month boat trip and tried to be the boss. But the attitude of his employees definitely brightened those episodes. That makes Pam's ‘Not on a three-month boat trip’ so much better. No sunscreen can protect Andy from that!

In case you were wondering where Pam was really going, she had a job interview in Philly. Kudos to her for thinking on her feet!


S6,E4 Niagara Part 1

Probably Pam's best comeback came in one of the most chaotic cold openings of the series, known as The Boiled Egg Vomiting Chain. If you made it to the end of that scene without throwing up, you learned a lot.

Pay attention to what your coworkers ask for. Do not bring eggs to work. And never - NEVER! - mess with a pregnant woman, or Pam, or pregnant Pam. This girl has guts. And she is not afraid to puke them out in front of everyone.