New Shondaland Announcement Not The One We Were Waiting For

New Shondaland Announcement Not The One We Were Waiting For
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The Bridgerton Season 3 release date update is long overdue.


  • Shondaland recently gave a premiere update on two of its returning shows.
  • Bridgerton was not one of them, which sent fans into a frenzy of anger and frustration.
  • The Bridgerverse fandom took to the comments section of the post in a veritable revolution, demanding some updates to the beloved show.
  • The big difference between Shondaland's shows is that they come out on different platforms, which partly explains the radio silence on Bridgerton.

It's been over ten days since the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike. And most of the popular returning shows have received some kind of update, be it a teaser, a new season premiere window, or even a release date. However, one massive fandom is still going through a huge drought.

It's been 1 year and 8 months since Bridgerton Season 2 debuted, but both Netflix and Shondaland continue to maintain radio silence about the romantic series, sending its fanbase into a downward spiral.

Shondaland gives a premiere date for... other shows

When Bridgerverse fans recently saw a new 'mark your calendars' post on the official Shondaland Instagram account, their hearts skipped a beat. But that was not what they were so eagerly waiting for.

'Station 19 and Grey's Anatomy are set to premiere on March 14,' the post read.

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Currently, Shondaland has three returning series: Grey's Anatomy, Station 19 and Bridgerton. And for some reason, they are choosing to ignore the latter, which is not sitting well with fans.

The comments section of the new post is filled with tearful, angry, pleading, emotional comments demanding at least some kind of information about Bridgerton Season 3. It feels like a real Bridgerton fan revolution.

'I don't think many people are looking forward to these as much as they are Bridgerton Season 3. We just want a dateeeee, we are dying here,' one of the comments reads, echoing the sentiments of dozens more.

Major differences between the Shondaland shows

The thing that bothers Bridgerverse fans the most is that Grey's Anatomy Season 20 just resumed filming a few days ago. Yet, the show has already been given a release date.

Meanwhile, filming for Bridgerton Season 3 wrapped in March this year, and in April Shonda Rhimes was putting the finishing touches on the new episodes, according to Virgin Radio UK. This makes fans believe that the new chapter is finished and ready to go at this point. However, there have been no updates, news or announcements about it.

To be fair, Shondaland may have good reasons to keep information about Bridgerton under wraps. The main difference between Grey's Anatomy, Station 19 and Bridgerton is their respective platforms.

If Grey's Anatomy and its spinoff air on ABC, which is a broadcast network, Bridgerton is streaming on Netflix, which likely has full control over its promo campaigns and premiere dates. So if we are going to organize a revolution in anyone's comments, it should probably be Netflix.

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