New Polin Still Confirms One Bridgerton Book Scene Definitely Coming In Season 3

New Polin Still Confirms One Bridgerton Book Scene Definitely Coming In Season 3
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Did you notice that little exciting detail?


  • To celebrate Bridgerton's third anniversary, Netflix has released five new stills from Season 3.
  • While only one of them shows the season's main couple, the image is full of clues about what's in store for them.
  • One detail lets us conclude that the key scene from the source material will definitely find its place in the upcoming episodes.
  • On top of that, it lets us speculate about a new Bridgerton spinoff.

Netflix has just made the lives of all Bridgerton fans so much brighter by dropping new Season 3 material to dote on. The update was dedicated to the show's anniversary, which coincides with Christmas.

Although it was not a teaser video that many fans were hoping for, we did get a beautiful poster with an ornate mirror (wink-wink) and Penelope's reflection in it, as well as five new stills.

The leading couple of the new episodes, Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton, only appear together in one picture. But what a picture it is!

The photo oozes with romantic vibes and clues. Julia Quinn's readers will pay attention to Penelope's empty dance card, a symbol of her wallflower status. There is also another clue that confirms what Nicola Coughlan said about the season.

The Bridgerton star revealed earlier that the new chapter would be as close as possible to its source material, Romancing Mister Bridgerton. And the new still proves that one pivotal scene will definitely be adapted for the small screen to the delight of all fans.

The Letter Opener Incident

In the pic, we can see that Colin's hand is bandaged, which means that the scene takes place in the days following an important incident that will probably happen in the first episode and change everything.

In the book, Colin is an aspiring writer. He returns from his travels with a set of journals, but is too shy to show them to anyone. When Penelope stumbles upon the journals and reads them without permission, Colin catches her and gets very angry.

They have a feud, and in frustration Colin accidentally cuts his hand with a letter opener. Penelope comes to his aid and takes care of the injured hand. This leads to a quiet conversation where Pen praises Colin's writing and Colin opens up to her.

After this incident, Colin begins to see Penelope in a new light, noticing her beauty and intelligence, which leads to feelings beyond friendship.

The Smythe-Smith Musicale

In addition, the scene shown in the still is most likely a reference to another series by Julia Quinn, The Smythe-Smith Quartet, which follows a secondary family from the Bridgerton novels.

In the series, Colin arrives at one of the Smythe-Smith musicales with a bandaged hand. So we can assume that this is exactly where Pen and Colin are in the picture.

This leads to some interesting conclusions. First, Pen and Colin seem closer than ever after the letter opener incident, which warms our hearts.

Second, Season 3 may introduce the Smythe-Smith girls, which would probably mean that their books will be adapted for another Bridgerton spinoff. How exciting is that?

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