New Deadpool & Wolverine Trailer Seems to Confirm Major MCU Theory... Or Just Teases Fans

New Deadpool & Wolverine Trailer Seems to Confirm Major MCU Theory... Or Just Teases Fans
Image credit: Twentieth Century Fox, Walt Disney Studios

Is Doctor Doom set to replace Kang the Conqueror in the MCU?


  • The new Deadpool 3 teaser has created quite a buzz on social media.
  • Fans are going over every little detail, trying to predict which characters will show up in the upcoming Marvel movie.
  • One clue proves that a major MCU theory about the fate of the Multiverse Saga's Big Bad may actually be true.

To say that the new Super Bowl teaser for the third installment of the Deadpool franchise has created a social media buzz is to say nothing. Looks like at a time when audience interest in the MCU is at an all-time low, Marvel has managed to come up with a strategy that could actually save the fictional universe: quality over quantity.

Besides being the only Marvel movie released in 2024 (Marvel Jesus, anyone?), Deadpool 3, now given the new title Deadpool & Wolverine, is set to introduce to the MCU the whole array of characters previously belonging to Fox, starting with the X-Men. No wonder fans are going crazy over every little detail in the teaser.

Dusty Clue

There's a split second in the clip that gets a lot of attention because it proves one of the most popular MCU theories that has been circulating in fan discussions for weeks, ever since Marvel dropped Jonathan Majors.

At the very end, when Wade falls to the ground and Wolverine is about to pierce him with his claws, it is easy to get lost in the excitement of that little glimpse of the yellow back and miss a dusty Secret Wars comic lying in the corner of the shot.

Can't even tell it's a comic book? Don't worry, eagle-eyed fans have already zoomed in and discovered that this is Secret Wars #5, which was released in 2015 with a cover by Alex Ross.

New Deadpool & Wolverine Trailer Seems to Confirm Major MCU Theory... Or Just Teases Fans - image 1

What's so special about it?

Why did this torn piece of evidence send fans into a frenzy? Technically, this is the first appearance of Doctor Doom in the MCU.

Doctor Doom is the main villain of the Fantastic Four franchise and has been in every movie so far. So fans expect him to pop up in the MCU reboot in 2025, too. More than that, many think he is the one to replace Majors' Kang as the Big Bad of The Multiverse Saga.

Considering that Doctor Doom is the main antagonist of Marvel Comics' 2015 Secret Wars crossover event, he could easily take over that role in the upcoming 2027 movie.

With one year until the Fantastic Four movie and three years until Avengers: Secret Wars, Marvel has plenty of time to build him up as the universe's new biggest threat.And it looks like they already started by dropping an issue of Secret Wars comics in the Deadpool & Wolverine teaser.

Or there could be another explanation for this Easter egg. Knowing that fans will skim every frame of the video, the filmmakers just decided to play a joke on the MCU theorists and put the comic there to fuel the Doctor Doom rumors and prove them wrong in the end.

Which is it in reality? We guess, July 26, when Deadpool & Wolverine hits theaters will show. Or at least drop another hint.

Who do you think will be the new MCU Big Bad?