New Bridgerton Pics Confirm At Least One S3 Fan Theory

New Bridgerton Pics Confirm At Least One S3 Fan Theory
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Season 3 crumbs are finally starting to arrive, they hint at bright future for the show.


  • The Bridgerton social media accounts have shared several new stills from Season 3.
  • Two of them allow us to theorize that the new season will be a jump start for the arc of Francesca Bridgerton.
  • If the theory is true, we could be looking at at least three more seasons of Bridgerton.

December 25th is a special day for the Shondaland Bridgerverse. On this day in 2020, the first season of the romantic series premiered. That's why fans expect something special from the show's creators every Christmas.

This year, we were not disappointed. Bridgerton's social media accounts shared a hilarious video of Season 1's bloopers, a gorgeous poster for Season 3, which hits Netflix in May-June next year, and a slew of new stills for fans to drool over.

These images do leave plenty of room for speculation. Two of them even let us theorize about the future of the show.

Francesca looks ready to get married

The big question in Bridgerverse fandom has been whether Season 3 will feature the social debut of the sixth sibling, Francesca Bridgerton.

Considering that the character was recast in Season 3 due to Ruby Stokes' conflicting filming schedule, we assumed that Francesca would be given a larger role.

We also know from Julia Quinn's book series that Francesca finds a love match in her debut year, marries, and leaves home. Her main romantic arc takes place several years later.

So many fans thought that since Francesca turns 18 in Season 3, she could be presented to the Queen and enter the marriage market in new episodes already. And two new stills partially confirm this.

These are the pictures where we see more than one Bridgerton. In the first one, Violet, five siblings and Kate look at someone with astonished faces.

Of course, it could be Colin announcing something important (engagement to Penelope?). But it could also be the moment when everyone realizes how grown up and beautiful Francesca is as she shows up ready for her first ball.

In the second pic, Violet makes a slightly protective gesture toward Francesca, now played by Hannah Dodd. Both Francesca and Hyacinth seem excited as they look at someone, presumably a potential suitor.

Could this be the moment of proposal? We certainly want to believe it is.

Francesca's engagement means more seasons for Bridgerton

Of course, the images could turn out to be something else entirely, but if they are telling the story of Francesca's debut and engagement, it means Shondaland has plans for at least two more seasons beyond the four already confirmed.

If the creators didn't plan on telling Francesca's story, why would they even start it? After all, Daphne and Eloise both made their social debuts at 19.

Francesca's arc takes a few years to get to the point described in the books, so it can't happen in Season 4. We also have Benedict and Eloise whose romantic plot lines will have to be dealt with in the next two seasons.

That leaves us with at least six seasons of Bridgerton. And we are definitely here for it. Are you?

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