Never In Its 19 Seasons! 5 Medical Arcs Grey's Anatomy Hasn't Tackled Yet

Never In Its 19 Seasons! 5 Medical Arcs Grey's Anatomy Hasn't Tackled Yet
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Which one would you watch?

Grey's Anatomy has never been afraid to take on the most insane medical cases and mind-blowing storylines. Over the past 19 years, viewers of Shonda Rhimes' medical drama seem to have seen it all, from a bomb in a patient's body to a child encased in concrete up to his neck.

But the number of real-life and fictional medical cases to draw inspiration from doesn't seem to be dwindling. Fans of the genre recently took to Reddit to single out several arcs that the show, which is heading into its 20th season, surprisingly never had.

Here are five that would be perfect for the new Grey's Anatomy episodes. Writers, take note!

Angel of Death

In criminology, an 'angel of death' or 'angel of mercy' is a professional who deals with people's health and has the opportunity to end lives without getting caught. Doctors are perfect examples of such killers. They may murder patients for money, pleasure, or the belief that they are doing something highly moral.

Grey's Anatomy would definitely benefit from such a storyline, especially if it involved a recurring and likable character. The revelation that patients are dying at the hands of one of Grey Sloan's residents could easily make for a season-long drama.

Physician Suicide

Surprisingly, Grey's Anatomy has never written off a character by suicide due to burnout. A couple of doctors have come close to this tragic finale, but it seems the writers prefer to save viewers' feelings each time.

Meanwhile, a suicide arc can be mind-blowing and memorable. Especially when it comes out of the blue and the reasons are explained afterwards. Just think of Lawrence Kutner's arc in House.

Munchausen by Proxy

In S2E4, Grey's Anatomy had a patient who faked her illness to get attention. Cristina figured it out and made the diagnosis: Munchausen's Syndrome.

But there's an even scarier condition that the show hasn't tackled yet. It is called Munchausen Syndrome by proxy, and it means that people make their loved ones (usually kids) sick in order to gain sympathy. The story is shocking and could make for an entertaining episode-long arc.


Rabies is such a rare disease that only a few medical shows have touched on it. However, it is great material for a heartbreaking storyline. Once rabies symptoms appear, the result is almost always death, no matter what treatment doctors choose.

So a storyline where a patient comes in with a general malady and ends up with incurable rabies sounds very Grey's Anatomy.

Volcano Explosion

From time to time, Grey's Anatomy likes to shock viewers with major accidents or disasters that affect the entire cast. We have had numerous shootings, two plane crashes, a sinkhole, a flood, an earthquake, several explosions, multiple car crashes, etc.

What we never had was a volcano explosion. Meanwhile, there are a few volcanoes whose eruptions could affect Seattle. Big season finale idea right here, showrunners.

Source: Reddit.