Narcos Cast's Best Post-Narcos Roles, Ranked

Narcos Cast's Best Post-Narcos Roles, Ranked
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Narcos had us all gripping the edges of our seats as we delved into the gritty world of drug cartels. But ever wondered where the actors went after the show wrapped up?

8. Wagner Moura in "Sergio" (2020)
Narcos Cast's Best Post-Narcos Roles, Ranked - image 1Wagner Moura switched gears dramatically post-Narcos, diving into a story that's far from the cartel dramas. In "Sergio," he plays Sergio Vieira de Mello, a UN diplomat in Iraq. He's all set for a routine mission, but then a bomb goes off at the UN headquarters.

Trapped under the rubble, the movie is a tense tick-tock between rescue efforts and flashbacks of his life. The stakes? Not just his life, but the critical peace negotiations he was working on.

7. Boyd Holbrook in "The Predator" (2018)
Narcos Cast's Best Post-Narcos Roles, Ranked - image 2Boyd Holbrook trades DEA badges for sci-fi guns in this installment of the Predator franchise. He plays Quinn McKenna, a sniper who encounters an alien Predator while on a mission. Guess what? The government isn't thrilled and wants to keep it hush-hush. Too bad the Predator escapes, and now Quinn has to team up with a group of PTSD-afflicted veterans to take the alien down.

If you thought cartels were tough, try a heat-seeking alien with techy weapons!

6. Pedro Pascal in "Wonder Woman 1984" (2020)
Narcos Cast's Best Post-Narcos Roles, Ranked - image 3Pedro Pascal strikes again, this time as the enigmatic Maxwell Lord in DC's "Wonder Woman 1984." Look, forget about cartels; we're talking about world domination here. Lord gets his hands on an artifact that grants wishes but at a steep cost. His ambition spirals out of control, leading to global chaos as he amasses power and oil. It takes none other than Wonder Woman to try and put a stop to it, culminating in a battle of wills and ideologies.

5. Ana de la Reguera in "Army of the Dead" (2021)
Narcos Cast's Best Post-Narcos Roles, Ranked - image 4Ana de la Reguera trades her Narcos uniform for some kick-butt action in Zack Snyder's "Army of the Dead." She plays Maria Cruz, part of a team assembled to retrieve $200 million from a Las Vegas casino.

But wait, there's a catch: Vegas is crawling with zombies. Not just your run-of-the-mill zombies, but smart, fast ones led by an alpha zombie king. Let's just say the mission goes south fast, and Maria has to face off against hordes of the undead, making drug lords look like a walk in the park.

4. Alberto Ammann in "Apaches" (2017)
Narcos Cast's Best Post-Narcos Roles, Ranked - image 5Alberto Ammann steps away from cartel drama into the grimy underbelly of Madrid in "Apaches." He plays Miguel, a journalist who dives deep into the criminal world to avenge his father's ruin. Together with his childhood friend Sastre, he engages in a spree of thefts and robberies, only to find himself knee-deep in a mess that spirals into betrayal and violence.

It's like Narcos but with a Spanish flair, y'know?

3. Wagner Moura in "Wasp Network" (2019)
Narcos Cast's Best Post-Narcos Roles, Ranked - image 6We have Wagner Moura once again in "Wasp Network," a real-life spy thriller. He plays Juan Pablo Roque, a Cuban defector and pilot who becomes a double agent for the Cuban government in the '90s. As part of the "Wasp Network," he infiltrates anti-Castro organizations in Miami.

Just when you think you have the plot figured out, Moura's character reveals another layer of intrigue, making it a complex web of espionage and loyalties.

2. Boyd Holbrook in "Logan" (2017)
Narcos Cast's Best Post-Narcos Roles, Ranked - image 7Here comes Boyd Holbrook again, this time as Donald Pierce in "Logan," the gritty, final chapter in Wolverine's story. Pierce is a cybernetically-enhanced soldier, tasked with capturing a young mutant named Laura. As Wolverine's health deteriorates, he takes it upon himself to protect her. Pierce relentlessly pursues them, leading to a showdown in the woods where... let's just say not everyone makes it out alive.

The stakes here aren't just personal; they're a matter of survival for mutant-kind.

1. Pedro Pascal in "The Mandalorian" (2019)
Narcos Cast's Best Post-Narcos Roles, Ranked - image 8From chasing drug lords to chasing bounties in a galaxy far, far away. In "The Mandalorian," Pedro Pascal plays Din Djarin, a lone bounty hunter. He's got this mission to capture a creature known as "The Child" (yeah, Baby Yoda, we're all looking at you). But instead of turning the kid over, he goes rogue. Now he's racing across the galaxy, keeping Baby Yoda safe from the clutches of the dark and nefarious Moff Gideon.

It's like Star Wars met Lone Wolf and Cub, and it's as amazing as it sounds.