Looks Like Bridgerton S3 Is Going To Hurt (At Least Early On)

Looks Like Bridgerton S3 Is Going To Hurt (At Least Early On)
Image credit: Netflix

Our hearts are bleeding just thinking about it.


  • Bridgerton Season 3 is coming to Netflix in two parts on May 16 and June 13, 2024, and the promo campaign has already begun to the delight of the massive fanbase.
  • The recently released teaser video sent the Bridgerton fandom into a frenzy.
  • After analyzing and overanalyzing it, fans have come to the conclusion: the start of the season is going to hit both its lead and audience hard.

The teaser clip released during the Bridgerton Valentine's Day event hit fans right in the feels. The brief one-minute confrontation scene showed how charged and dramatic the whole season is going to be and how strong the chemistry is between the leads, Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington.

But suspense and an overwhelming wave of emotion is not all fans got from the video. After overanalyzing the heck out of the clip, dedicated viewers singled out one line in particular. And it promises a rocky start to the season for both Pen and us.

Glow-up in Vain

Judging by the setting - Lady Danbury's mansion - the scene takes place during the first ball of the season. We know that the Queen's friend long ago earned the right to open all social seasons. We also know from first look stills and the clip itself that Penelope has undergone a major glow-up prior to this event. The new hairstyle and outfits are incredible, and she just shines.

Clearly, the little wallflower has decided to break out of the shadows and her toxic family and find a suitable husband. But it looks like the intense transformation is not enough to give Pen a Cinderella moment when she walks into the room and all the men fall at her feet.

The things she says to Colin in the teaser are brave, to say the least. She would probably never have the courage to utter them out loud if something hadn't triggered her. And it looks like we know exactly what that is.

Laughingstock of the Ton

'Of course, you would never court me,' Pen tells Colin. 'I am the laughingstock of the ton, even when I change my entire wardrobe.'

Ouch, that sounds bad. Obviously, changing her hair and clothes didn't help Pen's popularity in the ton, and may have even given people a new reason to mock her.

For example, Cressida Cowper, who has already established herself as a bully and is set to play a villainous role in the upcoming chapter, could have publicly made fun of Pen by saying something like, 'Look at poor Penelope Featherington. She can put on a new dress, but she'll never be able to change the fact that she's a vapid wallflower underneath.'

Not to mention that the Featheringtons are not exactly popular in London high society after the whole Uncle Jack affair. So Pen could be ridiculed for that as well.

The conclusion we can draw from this analysis is far from heartwarming: Bridgerton fans should be prepared to have their hearts trampled on by Pen's proxy, at least at the beginning of the season.

Are you ready for the rocky start of Bridgerton Season 3?