Longing For Sequel: Everything We Know So Far About Season Two Of Gen V

Longing For Sequel: Everything We Know So Far About Season Two Of Gen V
Image credit: Amazon Studios

Gen V has been renewed for a second season, but its story and cast will largely depend on The Boys Season 4.


  • Amazon has renewed Gen V for Season 2.
  • The premiere date for the new Gen V episodes has not been announced, but we can assume that the second entry will be released between Seasons 4 and 5 of The Boys, sometime in 2025.
  • The ensemble cast is expected to reprise their roles.
  • The plot of Season 2 will largely depend on the storylines of The Boys Season 4.

Gen V has become the second spin-off in The Boys franchise and the perfect trigger to reignite public interest in the Vought-controlled universe. The finale of Gen V was so full of action, gore and cliffhangers that viewers couldn't help but wonder if the sequel was coming.

If you're also curious, we've got you covered. Here's everything you need to know about the next entry of the young adult Supe series.

Will Gen V have Season 2?

For sure. Apparently, the show's run on Prime Video was so successful that Amazon officially greenlit Gen V Season 2 on October 19, even before Season 1 ended.

There's no doubt that Eric Kripke and the other creators always planned for the show to continue beyond the first installment, so Amazon's official announcement came as no surprise.

When will Gen V Season 2 be released?

So far it is hard to say. There is no doubt that the release of the series will coincide with the premiere of the fourth season of its original, The Boys.

Since the two shows are connected by the same fictional universe, characters and plot lines, they tell one continuous story, which means that The Boys Season 4 will definitely premiere before Gen V Season 2.

Right now, there's no official release date for new episodes of The Boys, but it's widely expected to come out in early to mid 2024. Season 4 has already been filmed and is in post-production.

Considering that the parent show takes over 1.5 years to premiere each new chapter, we can assume that Gen V Season 2 will arrive between The Boys Seasons 4 and 5. Most likely in 2025. Unless, of course, the SAG-AFTRA strike lasts for much longer.

Who will be in Gen V Season 2 cast?

Considering that Season 1 served as an introduction to the show's main characters and established the balance of power between them, we can expect the same stars to reprise their roles.

The entire ensemble cast is likely to return: Jaz Sinclair (as Marie Moreau), Lizze Broadway (as Emma Meyer), Chance Perdomo (as Andre Anderson), London Thor and Derek Luh (as Jordan Li), Maddie Phillips (as Cate Dunlap), and Asa Germann (as Sam Riordan).

But that depends on the characters' arcs in The Boys Season 4, where Gen V stars may get cameos or even recurring roles.

What will Gen V Season 2 be about?

The plot of the spinoff's second season is being kept under wraps. The creators have emphasized that Gen V and The Boys are connected plot-wise, so we will have to wait until The Boys Season 4 comes out before we can start speculating about Gen V's future storylines.