Jonathan Bailey on Bridgerton Season 3: 'It Could Happen At Any Moment'

Jonathan Bailey on Bridgerton Season 3: 'It Could Happen At Any Moment'
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Is the December premiere back on the cards?


  • Jonathan Bailey told Andy Cohen that Season 3 of Bridgerton 'could happen at any moment.'
  • The actor added that viewers will certainly get the four-week notice.
  • These words sent the Bridgerverse fandom into a frenzy and revived their hopes for the imminent premiere.
  • However, there are still some reasons to believe that the new episodes will land on Netflix in 2024.

Thank Regency heaven! The Bridgerton cast is stepping back into the public eye, participating in various interviews and slowly starting to talk about Season 3.

For example, Jonathan Bailey (fan-favorite Lord Anthony Bridgerton) recently spoke with Andy Cohen for his Radio Andy episode and briefly discussed filming for the upcoming Bridgerton season and how much longer we have to wait for it.

Bailey said that for him, filming Season 3 happened simultaneously with the production of his new highly acclaimed project, Fellow Travelers, and rehearsals for the 2024 Wicked movie, which was wild. He had to go from the American queer community of the 1950s-1980s to Regency balls and back in mere days.

And when Andy Cohen asked when exactly Season 3 will be released, Bailey gave an answer that raised the spirits of all Bridgerverse fans out there.

'I mean... it could happen at any moment,' the actor said, adding, 'You'll definitely get at least a four-week heads-up.'

Why are the fans excited?

It's not much, but it's the first real information about Bridgerton Season 3 since the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike. The studios are in no rush to announce a release date for the upcoming story, and at this point, the massive Bridgerverse fandom has even stopped hoping for an imminent premiere.

But Bailey's interview gives new hope. On the one hand, it means that Season 3 is completely finished and ready to go. On the other hand, the four weeks notice brings back the possibility of a December release, which was the leading fan theory for a few months. After all, there are still over five weeks until the show's third anniversary.

Why the December premiere is still unlikely

It is good to hope and live a little in delusion, but reality proves that the December premiere is still very unlikely. There are several reasons for this.

  1. Adjoa Andoh told HELLO! earlier this fall that Season 3 will be released next year. And why should we not believe her? She is as much a part of the cast as Jonathan Bailey.
  2. Netflix's December schedule already looks packed with holiday content and the final season of The Crown coming out.
  3. We have the books Romancing Mr. Bridgerton with the tie-in Netflix cover released in May, which heavily foreshadows the spring 2024 premiere.

What's realistic is that we might get the Season 3 premiere date announcement and see the promo campaign start in December. And in fact, that might be what Jonathan Bailey meant when he said 'at any moment.'

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Do you still have hope for the December premiere of Bridgerton Season 3?