Jeid Felt Wrong Even To Criminal Minds Cast. Yet, It Keeps Popping Up

Jeid Felt Wrong Even To Criminal Minds Cast. Yet, It Keeps Popping Up
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Are you rooting for JJ and Reid?


  • The recent news that Josh Stewart, who plays JJ's husband Will on Criminal Minds, will not be appearing in the new episodes has sparked speculation among fans.
  • The popular fan theory is that Will is being written out to allow the relationship between JJ and Spencer Reid to flourish.
  • However, it seems that the majority of seasoned fans and the cast of the show think that there is only one welcome idea behind this theory.

Earlier this month, Criminal Minds recurring star Josh Stewart, who has played JJ's husband William 'Will' LaMontagne, Jr. for 13 seasons, stunned fans with the news that he would not be reprising his role in the second season of the show's Paramount+ revival, Criminal Minds: Evolution.

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Considering that Will was a big part of Evolution's first chapter, his absence from Season 2, which began filming on January 18, is sparking a lot of speculation on social media.

The wildest fan theory is that after a life-threatening first season, Will will be killed off behind the camera, opening a door for the love arc between JJ and Spencer Reid (often referred to as Jeid), who fans hope will return in the new episodes.

This far-fetched theory seems to be capturing the imagination of more and more fans. But do they really want JJ and Reid to get together?

What do Criminal Minds fans think about Jeid?

Browsing through the fan threads shows that while there are still some Jeid fans out there, the majority of Criminal Minds viewers feel that the time for the pairing has long passed.

During the CBS run of the FBI procedural, Jeid had an unstable dynamic. Reid had feelings for JJ from the very first episode and even asked her on a date. Although this made many fans root for the couple, JJ didn't feel attracted to Reid, so the love storyline was axed.

However, the writers decided to revive it in the Season 14 finale, when JJ suddenly confessed at gunpoint that she had been in love with Spencer for many years. By that time, she had been married to Will for seven seasons and had given birth to two sons, one of whom was Reid's godson.

This made the very idea of Jeid becoming a thing feel wrong to fans. Why ruin JJ and Will's relationship, which had been built over many seasons and felt the most mature and healthy in the entire show? And most importantly, why ruin JJ and Reid's amazing friendship?

What did the Criminal Minds cast think of Jeid?

Echoing the opinions of fans, JJ's star, A.J. Cook, felt that the romantic development in Jeid's relationship was too risky and complicated. Back in 2020, she shared with TV Guide that it was a bold creative move that scared her when she received the script for the Season 14 finale.

'Still to this day, it gives me knots in my stomach because that's such a big deal, and I protect JJ so much,' the actress told TV Guide. 'I think it was all handled really, really well in the long run.'

Apparently, A.J. Cook, like many viewers, was relieved when JJ's surprising confession did no long-term damage. JJ didn't leave her family for Reid, and after an emotional conversation, the profilers remained on friendly terms.

So now that the question of Jeid is being raised again in anticipation of Evolution Season 2, seasoned fans who have already been through the whole 'will they, won't they' shenanigans twice find themselves on the 'let JJ and Will be a family' side.

The only thing about the Jeid fan theory that feels right to the majority of viewers is the return of beloved boy genius Spencer Reid. That is something they can and will cheer.

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How about you? Are you rooting for Jeid in Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2?