Is Virgin River Too Superficial When It Comes to Serious Matters? Fans Are Divided

Is Virgin River Too Superficial When It Comes to Serious Matters? Fans Are Divided
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It is too saccharine even for a feel-good show.


  • Despite many dramatic twists, Virgin River is a feel-good show.
  • For this reason, VR seems too naive in its treatment of serious matters.
  • VR fans are particularly divided over the portrayal of Lizzie's pregnancy.

Netflix is the epitome of on-demand services, with hundreds of shows and movies of many genres for everyone to choose from. For instance, there are many so-called feel-good series that viewers can't find anywhere else. Virgin River seems to be the most popular of these.

When it premiered in 2019, Virgin River quickly became one of the top shows on Netflix. Set in the fictional small town, VR revolves around Mel Monroe, who moved there to start her life over. And as she explores the town, makes new friends, and develops a relationship with the local bar owner, the audience gets an influx of joy.

Even the many dramatic events that occur in the show every now and then don't ruin the overall mood. And while it does indeed feel good to watch, it also reveals Virgin River's main flaw. The show doesn't take certain things seriously enough.

Virgin River's Naiveté

When you start to think about all the problems that the show just touches on without really exploring them, it seems like there are a lot of things to remember. For example, Paige's marriage to an abusive husband and the serious drug problems in the titular town are introduced as some dramatic background to the main character's story of finding happiness. Lizzie's pregnancy is a more recent example of such a dismissed problem.

One of the major plot twists of Season 5, Lizzie's pregnancy is likely to become one of the main storylines of Season 6. So far, she hasn't had a problem with it, as the baby daddy has proposed to her and everyone in Virgin River is supportive. But this idyll is not very convincing. In particular, it's hard to believe that no one has given Lizzie a serious talk about how difficult it is to raise a child – especially as a teenage parent.

The Show's Fans Beg to Differ on This Storyline

'Ok, so I get that Lizzie is out of high school and a young adult, but she's a teenage adult (18, 19 tops). Everyone seems okay and excited about her pregnancy??' one Redditor wrote.

'Like how does she have good health insurance to afford everything? How are she and Denny going to afford this in general? No one seems to be telling them about the obstacles they will have being parents under the age of 20. Everyone is congratulating them for this reckless pregnancy?'

Interestingly, most viewers support Virgin River's feel-good approach, which they say makes downplaying such issues excusable.

'I think it's supportive of Lizzie. You can also get pregnant after having sex one time! Just ask Lane from Gilmore Girls,' another Reddit user noted.

Perhaps it's too early to judge the show for its portrayal of Lizzie's pregnancy, as it may get plenty of development in Season 6. But the overall trend is clear – the show doesn't handle serious issues well.

Source: Reddit.