If Fans Could Change 5 Things About Friends, Here's What They'd Do

If Fans Could Change 5 Things About Friends, Here's What They'd Do
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Rachel's arc could use some tweaking.

David Crane and Marta Kauffman's legendary sitcom will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year. Almost 30 years after Friends premiered and 20 years after it ended, fans are still having heated discussions about its characters and plot lines.

The question of 'Were they on a break?' still hasn't been definitively answered, with thousands of people clinging to both sides of the conflict. Apart from that, there are many other things that are bugging the viewers.

Recently, fans on Reddit took to the Friends subreddit to talk about plot changes that could improve the beloved show. Here are five interesting suggestions they made.

1. Give Joey an ending

Joey was the only character who didn't undergo drastic character development during the show's 10-season run. Even after the success of Days of Our Lives, he continued to struggle professionally and financially. On top of that, he seemed to be increasingly dumbed down by the writers.

An endgame love interest is not a must, but some kind of closure, like a major career breakthrough, would do the character justice.

2. Fix Ross & Rachel

Ross and Rachel's relationship were so tumultuous and toxic that many viewers didn't even want them to end up together. A good change would be to either let Rachel get on that plane to Paris in the end thus ending their on-again-off-again for good, or let them have a proper wedding and show some mature healthy dynamics.

3. Give Rachel serious relationship outside Ross

While Ross had three marriages and a couple of other serious relationships, Rachel only seemed to be getting flings. Even if the two were to remain an endgame, It would be nice to see Rachel in a long-term serious relationship with a secure man.

This would give her the ideal of how an adult romance should look and let Ross grow to be able to top Rachel's love interest.

4. Cut the Joey/Rachel romance

While many viewers love the romantic dynamic between Joey and Rachel, that storyline was just too painful and wrong on so many levels. Considering it ended without any drastic changes for the characters and everyone went back to how things were before, this arc seems unnecessary.

5. Make the show shorter

Speaking about unnecessary storylines, there seemed to be one too many in the final two seasons. Many fans are sure that Friends could do much better with a shortened timeline without dragged-out plots that didn't favor any character.

Source: Reddit.

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