Hilarious Improv Moments That Will Go Down In Rick and Morty History

Hilarious Improv Moments That Will Go Down In Rick and Morty History
Image credit: Adult Swim

Did you know that some of Rick and Morty's best moments were improvised?

Typically, animated shows follow a scripted path, giving their voice actors and writers much less room to improvise than live-action movies. But Rick and Morty is different.

Until recently, lead voice Justin Roiland was also the show's co-creator alongside Dan Harmon, so he had the freedom to make up the line as he went in the recording studio, resulting in some of the Adult Swim show's best moments.

1. Very First Scene

Where: S1E1, Pilot

You know the show is unique when its very first cold open is created on the spot. Yes, the dialogue between Rick and Morty where a drunk Rick pulls his grandson out of bed and threatens to destroy the planet with his new bomb was completely improvised by Roiland based on an idea from Harmon.

2. 'Wubba lubba dub-dub'

Originated in: S1E5, Meeseeks and Destroy

Roiland's one-time impromptu joke during the taping of the famous Meeseeks episode became a hilarious canon tidbit known to all Rick and Morty fans.

First, it returned as Rick's catchphrase whenever he was having fun. And later, it took on a deeper meaning when Birdperson said that for his species, it meant 'I am in great pain, please help me.'

3. Interdimensional Cable Programs

Where: S1E8, Rixty Minutes and S2E8, Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate

The amazing fact is that all of the Interdimensional Cable shows were more or less improvised based on the brainstorms in the writers' room.

Characters like Singing Imrov Comedian, Detective Baby Legs, and Ants In My Eyes Salesman have become fan favorites, and some shows like Quick Mysteries and Man vs. Car we'd like to see on regular television.

4. Eyehole Man

Where: S2E8, Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate

The Interdimensional Cable commercial that deserves a special mention is the one for the cereal Eyeholes. This hysterical unscripted scene introduced Eyehole Man, a spandex-clad alien who is very serious about not letting anyone in the galaxy eat cereal made with delicious alien eyeholes.

The commercial breaks the fourth wall within the show when Jerry is attacked by the Eyehole Man for trying to steal Rick's box of Eyeholes.

5. Szechuan Sauce Tirade

Where: S3E1, The Rickshank Rickdemption

Can you believe Rick's mind-blowing speech at the end of the Season 3 premiere was never in the script? Roiland's tirade about McDonald's Chicken McNugget sauce not only broke the fourth wall, it had a surprising real-world outcome.

After Rick and Morty viewers created a hype around the canceled Szechuan sauce, McDonald's brought it back for a short time.