Heartstopper S3 Reveal: 4 Takeaways That Thrilled Fans & 1 That Frustrated Them

Heartstopper S3 Reveal: 4 Takeaways That Thrilled Fans & 1 That Frustrated Them
Image credit: Netflix

We are officially in the Heartstopper Season 3 era.

Wednesday, March 20 was a big day for fans of Netflix's Heartstopper everywhere. The streaming giant treated us to the first Season 3 video announcement, which hinted at what's in store for the swoon-worthy lead couple, Charlie & Nick, and their friends and schoolmates.

In true Heartstopper fashion, the clip showed the beloved cast talking vlog-style to the cameras on the set of Episode 8, which doubles as the Season 3 finale.

While not exactly a trailer, the video sent fans into a frenzy and created a buzz on social media. Here are five key takeaways that elicited different emotions from the fan base.

Thrilling Fact 1: Higher Steam Levels

Twice, Kit Connor, who plays Nick, emphasized that the main couple is ready to take their relationship to the next level. Season 2 ended on a hopeful note with Charlie getting ready to finally confess his love for Nick. There's no doubt he'll work up the courage in Season 3 and Nick will reciprocate, which means an even deeper bond and more passion.

'The tension is high. It's like, sexual tension, love, we're all there.'

And we are all there for it!

Thrilling Fact 2: Tao as a Role-Model

William Gao teased that his character Tao will find a new passion for something that can bring happiness to people. This promises a deeper arc for his character and a journey of self-discovery that will surely serve as a true inspiration for all Heartstopper fans.

Thrilling Fact 3: More Tori

Jenny Walser shared that her character Tori, Charlie's big sister, will play a bigger role in Season 3. And fans couldn't be happier. Even though she is a supporting character in Heatstopper, Tori is the protagonist of Alice Oseman's other graphic novel, Solitaire. So seeing her interact more with her brother and finally shine with a standalone arc is a very welcome thought for the fandom. Who knows, maybe Netflix will make an adaptation of the novel in the future. Maybe it will even be the basis for Season 4.

Thrilling Fact 4: New Friend

Jenny Walser also mentioned that Tori will get a new friend. And these words were enough to send all the fans of Alice Oseman into a frenzy. The said friend is none other than Michael Holden from Solitaire and one of the biggest fan favorites.

Earlier it was announced that Michael will be portrayed by Darragh Hand and fans can't wait to see him on screen and find elements of Solitaire beginning to come into play in the upcoming season.

Frustrating Fact: Release Window

All of the above made fans so excited for Heartstopper Season 3 that the final reveal came as a disappointment to many. The new episode will arrive in October 2024, which means another seven months of waiting.

'OCTOBER! F**k that's a long way off. Anybody know how to build a time machine?' one fan commented below the video.

Well, at least the hiatus between seasons has been shortened and we will be getting more updates, sneak peeks, first look stills and teasers in the coming months. So the wait won't be so painful. We are officially in the Heartstopper Season 3 era, people!

How do you feel about the October 2024 release date for Heartstopper Season 3?