Heartfelt Message From David Jenkins Gives OFMD Fans Hope

Heartfelt Message From David Jenkins Gives OFMD Fans Hope
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The pirate daddy is proud and shopping the show around.


  • Max began the year 2024 by canceling the fan-favorite pirate show Our Flag Means Death (OFMD) after Season 2.
  • The cancellation didn't sit well with the dedicated fanbase, and fans started a massive campaign to save the beloved series.
  • Creator David Jenkins is doing his best to support the fans' efforts and recently gave supporters a glimmer of hope by suggesting that other major streamers pick up OFMD.
  • Fans took this as a call to action.

The fight for Our Flag Means Death (OFMD) continues. Fans of the queer, genre-bending pirate series don't let Max's decision to cancel the show after Season 2 stop them.

The hashtags #SaveOFMD and #RenewAsACrew are popping up all over social media, the website is giving fans new ideas on what everyone can do to support the beloved show, the petition has nearly 80,000 signatures, and the number is growing every day.

In addition, fans have rented a truck with the words 'OFMD Deserves a Season 3,' a plane that wrote 'Save Our Flag Means Death' in the sky, and even put up a billboard in Times Square. None of this went unnoticed by the show's creator, David Jenkins.

David Jenkins Weighs In

The OFMD showrunner has always been close to the passionate, uniquely inclusive OFMD fandom. But everything that's happening now is truly special to him and everyone involved in the creation of the show.

Jenkins recently took to Instagram to express his gratitude to the resilient fans and give them a glimpse of hope.

'We are all in pleasant shock (writers, cast, producers, executives) by this outpouring of love and support,' he wrote. 'Personally, I think any network would do well to harness this passionate fanbase, but that's way above my pay grade. @netflix @amazonstudios @appletv We're all ready and standing by to make a third season and beyond if it interests you.'

This heartfelt message was taken by fans as a sign that the efforts of the renewal campaign are working. At least they are being seen and heard.

Fans Take Action

Max CEO Casey Bloys recently told The Hollywood Reporter that it is unlikely the streaming giant will reverse its decision to cancel OFMD, but they are supportive of the show finding a new home.

'Whenever we cancel a show, if a creator can set it up elsewhere, we support them. That is an option for Our Flag; it didn't make sense for us but it might be for someone else,' Bloys said.

And it looks like Jenkins and the team are moving in exactly that direction by shopping the show around to other major streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, and Apple TV.

While fans' efforts were previously focused on bombarding Max's accounts and feedback forms, the showrunner's post made them rethink their tactics and focus the campaigning efforts on the streamers he listed.

The customer service departments of these services better be prepared for the incoming wave of fervent OFMD fans. And hopefully a new home will be found sooner rather than later. Shows like OFMD do not come around often.

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