Have You Ever Noticed These Little Inconsistencies In Friends?

Have You Ever Noticed These Little Inconsistencies In Friends?
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We bet you didn't know about at least one of them.

It is a common move for sitcoms to introduce a colorful arc or character trait for one episode for the sole goal of creating a comedic effect. Sometimes these storylines become canon and show up in later seasons. But often they are discarded after they have served their purpose.

This is what Friends often did with its stand-alone episodes. To make us laugh, the writers would throw in some memorable, funny fact about the main characters, but then the show would forget about it.

Should we be angry at the fan-favorite series for this disregard for continuity? Of course not. But it is fun to be on the hunt for these little plot holes.

Here's a list of the ones we noticed. Let's see how many of them you spotted.

Rachel & Chandler

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In the pilot, Rachel and Chandler are introduced to one another. But later, we see flashbacks to their youth that clearly show they met before, spent two Thanksgivings in the same house, and even made out.

Rachel & Monica

When Rachel shows up at the coffeehouse in her wedding dress in the pilot, it seems like she hasn't seen Monica in forever, and Monica doesn't even know about her wedding. But in the flashbacks, we see the friends running into each other at a bar and Rachel showing Monica her engagement ring.

Chandler & Dogs

One of the most memorable episodes established that Chandler is afraid of all kinds of dogs. However, throughout the show, he interacts with several dogs without any problem. He even agrees when Phoebe asks him to watch her three puppies.

Monica & Massages

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Phoebe is very upset when she walks into Monica getting a massage from someone else, while she always refuses Phoebe's massages. But earlier there is a conversation where Phoebe complains about two clients who were horrible tippers, and it turns out to be Monica and Ross.

Ross & Ice Cream

Ross doesn't like ice cream because he has sensitive teeth. Or does he? The famous intro shows him throwing away a cone because Marcel licked it. And while on a date with Elizabeth, they both enjoy ice cream.

Joey & Air Quotes

Joey not knowing what air quotes are is great comic relief in an otherwise difficult conversation with Ross about 'accidentally' proposing to Rachel. But we have certainly seen him use them correctly in previous seasons.

Chandler & Crying

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One of the episodes revolves around Chandler's inability to cry and Monica's attempts to break that barrier. But in previous episodes, we have seen Chandler cry a few times.

Monica & Her Quirks

When Monica is dating Richard, it is established that she has to sleep on a certain side of the bed. But later, when she is living with Chandler, we see her on the opposite side of the bed.

Ross & Virginity

Ross' first time with Carol was a big deal for the first season of the show because it meant that he had only been with one woman before the pilot. But it was later revealed that he had made out with a 50-year-old librarian in high school and had sex with the lady who cleaned his dorm in college.

Did you notice all those plot holes?