Gen V's Homelander Scene Was Even Better Behind The Camera

Gen V's Homelander Scene Was Even Better Behind The Camera
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Looks like Homelander and Butcher have a lot more in common than you thought.


  • Anthony Starr's cameo in Gen V was a shocking and brilliant scene.
  • But it was even better behind the camera.
  • The Boys X account shared footage of Starr getting ready to perform Homelander's stunt.
  • The actor is hilariously sweary in the video, reminding fans of Butcher.

The premiere season of The Boys spinoff Gen V ended on a shocking note, leaving fans in awe and building a huge bridge to Season 4 of the parent show, which is expected to premiere sometime next year.

Perhaps the two most exciting moments for Boys-verse fans came at the end of the finale, when first Anthony Starr's Homelander and then Karl Urban's Billy Butcher both made brief cameo appearances on screen.

Homelander's visit to Godolkin University at the end of the epic battle was anything but pleasant. In his best fashion, the Supe brought chaos to the story by turning the protagonists into public enemies and putting the villains on a pedestal.

On top of that, Homelander showed that he is now not afraid to use violence in public, which raised the stakes to the sky.

But as good as this short scene was on screen, it was so much better behind the camera.

Anthony Starr is hilariously sweary during his stunt

The Boys' "Oi-fficial" X account recently shared a hysterical behind-the-scenes clip of Anthony Starr doing Homelander's stunt for the Gen V cameo.

'Our favorite stuntman havin' a blast on the set of @genv,' the caption reads.

In the video, we see Starr being lifted high into the air, apparently to portray Homelander's epic landing. One of the crew members on the set says in the background, 'He normally just lands,' which leads us to believe that this was one of the first times the actor performed the entire stunt himself. And probably the last.

You can hear that from Starr's hilarious commentary on the situation. This is probably the most profanity you've ever heard in such a short amount of time. But fear of heights does that to people, doesn't it?

Among the colorful phrases used by Starr, fans singled out one. 'F*cking c*nts,' the actor spits out, presumably referring to the situation as a whole rather than anyone in particular. And that sounds awfully a lot like a certain other fan-favorite character of The Boys, right?

'Didn't realise Homelander was actually Butcher this entire time,' a fan commented on the video, causing other fans to laugh uncontrollably.

Well, these two really are two peas in a pod. Can't wait to see them go head-to-head again.

Source: X, X.

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