Five Questions We Need Answered In OFMD Season 3

Five Questions We Need Answered In OFMD Season 3
Image credit: Max

There's still a lot to explore. Fingers crossed, Max will renew its best loved pirate series.

When he created Season 2 of Our Flag Means Death (OFMD), David Jenkins was not sure if his pirate romance would be renewed for another chapter.

Fans are still impatiently waiting for Max to officially greenlight Season 3, which will likely happen after the SAG-AFTRA strike is over.

Do you think OFMD Season 3 will happen?

With such an unclear future for the show, Jenkins certainly didn't want to leave any loose ends in Season 2, and brought it to a finale that could potentially end the story of pirate captains Ed Teach and Stede Bonnet and their crew members.

But we all know that the show’s creator always planned OFMD as a three-part story, so he left enough hooks and bridges for Season 3. Here are five questions we'd like to see explored in the next installment, should Max greenlight it.

Who will lead the Revenge?

After the explosive Season 2 finale, the Revenge was left without a captain, but with several new members. Season 3 must begin with the appointment of a new leader.

Zheng Yi Sao, the Pirate Queen, seems like the most logical choice. But her last decision as captain didn't work out so well, and the Revenge has a couple of other great candidates, including Frenchie and Spanish Jackie.

Will Izzy's death be avenged?

The Revenge crew has good reason to hold a grudge against Prince Ricky Banes for destroying Zheng's fleet and killing Izzy Hands. There's no doubt that the revenge mission will be central to the next chapter.

But it is not so easy to get hold of the noseless Prince as he has the support of the British Army. Will the pirates be able to outsmart the soldiers again? That's the question.

How will Ed and Stede cope with life on land?

Ed and Stede had a kind of happy ending when they decided to settle down on an island together and run an inn. But is this twist really that happy? The fan-favorite pirate couple didn't have much time to build their relationship, so trouble in paradise is guaranteed.

Plus, something tells us that neither of them will be able to live the quiet life of a small businessman after all the pirate adventures they've endured.

Will Buttons return?

Without a doubt, the most bizarre storyline of Season 2 is Button's arc. He went from an eccentric and slightly cannibalistic first mate to a sea witch who turns into a seagull. But did he really transform? Or was it just Ed's and our imaginations playing tricks on us? Hopefully Season 3 will clear that up.

What will Spanish Jackie do?

Despite being a feared pirate, Spanish Jackie has never set foot on a ship in the show. We haven't seen her in action at sea. That's why it's so interesting to see how she will behave as part of the Revenge gang. Will she try to become a captain? Or will she leave and open a new bar, taking Swede with her?