Fan Theory Gives The Boys' Homelander More Cathartic Ending Than Comics

Fan Theory Gives The Boys' Homelander More Cathartic Ending Than Comics
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Fans want Homelander to suffer.


  • The Boys is based on the comic book series, so fans have an idea of what is in store for Butcher and Homelander.
  • While in the comics the main antagonist dies an unexpected but quick death, the show has already made some changes that make this arc finale hard to adapt.
  • This makes fans speculate and come up with some ideas that are much more mind-blowing than the original version.

While it would be hard to find a series more chaotic and unpredictable than The Boys, fans of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's comic book series that became the show's source material have an idea of where the confrontation between Homelander's Seven and Butcher's Boys might go.

Homelander's Ending: Comic Book

Believe it or not, Homelander's demise is not the final scene of the comics. What is more, it is not Billy Butcher who does the killing.

Homelander is as powerful and invulnerable in the source material as he is in the show. So it takes an equally strong opponent to take him down. He is killed by - wait for it - his own clone, who has always been part of the Seven wearing the Black Noir costume.

On top of that, it turns out that Becca was assaulted by Black Noir disguised as Homelander, and Butcher takes his revenge by murdering the Supe while he is weak and wounded from the fight with Homelander.

But that does not satisfy the leader of the Boys, so he sets out on a mission to wipe out all Supes, which is a whole other dark story.

Homelander's Ending: Fan Theory

The Amazon series has already deviated from the comic canon, changing the backstories and arcs of major characters. So we can't be sure that Homelander will meet his end at the hands of Black Noir (who, by the way, is dead and looks nothing like the leader of the Seven).

This leaves plenty of room for fan speculation, and allows viewers to come up with various theories as to how the sociopathic Supe could end up on the show. And at least one of them is actually better than the comic version.

Fans want Homelander to suffer. He is probably one of the few antagonists on television for whom we feel absolutely no sympathy.

So one of the best ideas circulating on Reddit is that instead of the easy death, Homelander should be rendered powerless by some new vaccine and imprisoned to live out the rest of his days as a normal weak human he has always despised.

Additional punishment would be to make the Supe lactose intolerant.

Now that's properly wicked. No doubt it would all be torture for Homelander, and the Supe would want to kill himself, following in the footsteps of his ex, Stormfront. This thought brings us to the perfect final scene pitched by Redditor u/GodNonon.

'Imagine if the guards walk in on Homelander and we see just his feet floating above the ground. The audience is led to believe that he regained his powers. Then the camera cuts out and it's shown that he just hanged himself,' the fan wrote.

That would certainly be a mind-blowing finale to Homelander's arc. And a much stronger one than the comic's ending, don't you think?

Source: Reddit.

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