Even The Doctor Sometimes Nods: 5 Plot Holes Found In The Star Beast

Even The Doctor Sometimes Nods: 5 Plot Holes Found In The Star Beast
Image credit: BBC

Can you explain these inconsistencies?

The Star Beast, the first of three Doctor Who 2023 specials, was a real televisual feast for all Whovians. To describe the fan response to that episode as emotional would be to say nothing.

The return of Russell T. Davies as showrunner, the reunion of the golden modern era duo, the adaptation of a classic story. All of this had many longtime viewers wiping away tears of joy.

But the episode also left room for criticism. And one of the main reasons why fans were not completely satisfied was because of some inconsistencies in the story.

Here are five plot holes in The Star Beast that left many viewers scratching their heads and somewhat ruined the logic of the special.

The TARDIS Landing

Minutes after the Thirteenth Doctor regenerates into the Fourteenth and gets David Tennant's face back, the TARDIS lands on a London market street where Donna and her daughter are shopping.

Now, we are happy to see Donna and the Doctor back on screen together, but this is too big of a coincidence, which is not explained in any way in the episode. Why would the TARDIS choose to endanger Donna's life? Was it manipulated?

A Wig Trick

It was a hilarious nod to Tom Baker's Doctor when Tennant's Time Lord produced the barrister's wig out of thin air and announced a Shadow Proclamation hearing. But where did it come from? The Doctor never carries a bag, and his suit is quite tight (as Donna hilariously pointed out), so does it mean he has magical pockets from the wizarding world?

Donna's Knowledge

Several times in the special, Donna showed uncanny knowledge of the Doctor's past. They haven't seen each other in 15 years. Moreover, Donna's memories of her TARDIS adventures have been blocked, so how does she know that this Doctor is not the Tenth, and that there was a Jodie Whittaker version before?

The Energy Release

This is the moment that confused most viewers. It was revealed at the end that Donna's daughter Rose inherited her mother's blocked Time Lord subconscious, so it slowed down the metacrisis.

But all that energy was still a threat to their lives, until they just... 'let it go'. This was undoubtedly a beautiful metaphor for women's struggles in society, but from a sci-fi point of view, it raises a lot of unanswered questions.

Forced Block Lift

The whole episode built up to the moment when the Doctor would have to remove the block he put on Donna's brain 15 years ago to save her mind from burning. But the reason for this was not very satisfying.

Separated from his companion by a glass partition, the Doctor lifted the block so that Donna could press a few buttons on her side of the room. Why didn't he just give her instructions? For dramatic effect, we suppose.

How are you finding the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Specials thus far?