Eloise's Story May Become The Biggest Departure From The Source Novel In Bridgerton. Here's Why

Eloise's Story May Become The Biggest Departure From The Source Novel In Bridgerton. Here's Why
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Netflix's Eloise is nothing like her book counterpart.


  • Eloise Bridgerton's arc will have to undergo a major transformation in the Netflix romantic show.
  • With the change in her personality, relationships and story, Netflix's Eloise has already gone far from her book counterpart and Quinn's arc doesn't fit in the show.
  • The alterations that have already taken place raise a number of questions that the creators will have to answer.

With all the changes that are already happening in Netflix's adaptation of the Julia Quinn Bridgerton romance series, it could very well be that Season 4 will focus on Eloise Bridgerton's solo story.

After all, Colin jumped ahead of his older brother, so why not Eloise? If that happens, the order of the stories will not be the only alteration from the source material. Here's why.

Eloise's arc has already been changed

Seasons 1 and 2 of the Netflix show established Eloise as one of the central characters and a major focus for viewers. Her personality and arc have been significantly transformed to add drama and relevance to the show.

Here are the major deviations that Eloise's arc has undergone in Netflix's Bridgerton.

1. Personality

In the show, Eloise is strong-willed, opinionated, rebellious, and interested in the social rights movement. While in the books she also wanted something more than marriage and domesticity, that desire was overshadowed by the prospect of spending her spinsterhood alone and passion for a man.

2. Theo

The series introduced a new character, Theo Sharpe, who became Eloise's guide to the world of women's rights meetings and social justice. In addition, the two apparently developed romantic feelings for each other.

3. Lady Whistledown

For Quinn's Eloise, Penelope's secret identity is a surprise, but it doesn't mean much. For the show, Eloise's search for the elusive gossip writer has become a mission. In the Season 2 finale, she finds out that it was her own best friend all along, setting up a whole new storyline for Season 3.

4. Penelope

Season 2 left Eloise and Pen in a feud. There's no way the girls will be able to keep their friendship the way it is in the books. Besides, Eloise won't let Colin have a relationship with a woman he doesn't know has hurt his family.

5. Marina

Marina's arc has also been changed, and this is important for Eloise's story as well. First, Marina is not related to the Bridgertons, but is a Featherington cousin. Then, she seems quite healthy and determined to make her marriage to Sir Phillip Crane work when Colin visits in Season 2.

Eloise's novel story doesn't fit now

All these major alterations already make it impossible for Eloise's story to unfold as it did in the source book.

Quinn's Eloise was a 28-year-old spinster, desperate not to spend her days alone after her best friend Penelope married her brother. So she began corresponding with the widower of her distant cousin Marina, who had passed away after attempting suicide.

After many letters and a passionate face-to-face meeting, the two sparked real feelings for each other, and Eloise settled into a quiet family life with Phillip and his two children.

For Netflix's Eloise, such a development seems like a betrayal of all her beliefs and aspirations. On top of that, it raises too many questions.

Will Eloise simply forget Theo and the fight for social justice he helped her enter? What will make her to contact Phillip when she seems to have neither a connection to the Cranes nor a motivation to start the correspondence? Will Marina really die in the show, after all she's been through, just to make Phillip a widower?

There's no easy answer to any of these questions. So there's no doubt that the creators are going to have to rack their brains as they write for Eloise's season. And we predict it will be a whole new story.

Do you agree that Eloise's arc in Netflix's Bridgerton needs to be changed?