Did Taika Waititi Just Hint That He Will Not Reprise Blackbeard's Role In OFMD?

Did Taika Waititi Just Hint That He Will Not Reprise Blackbeard's Role In OFMD?
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He sounds hesitant, but that's probably because of the show's uncertain future.


  • Taika Waititi recently sent OFMD fandom into a downward spiral when he told Consequence that the Season 2 finale was a 'natural end' for Ed and Stede's story.
  • Many fans thought the actor was teasing his possible exit from the show.
  • However, since Waititi never said so directly and OFMD has not yet been renewed by Max, it is too early to speculate.

Taika Waititi recently sent the massive Our Flag Means Death (OFMD) fandom into a frenzy with a brief Q&A with Consequence.

The actor/filmmaker, who played Ed Teach aka Blackbeard for two seasons on the Max sleeper hit, told the outlet when asked about OFMD's potential renewal that the Season 2 finale felt like a 'natural end' to the story of his character and Rhys Darby's Stede Bonnet aka the Gentleman Pirate.

'I feel like, you know, they've been through so much and then wind up in that nice place at a happy ending,' Waititi said. 'I don't want it to feel like Rambo III suddenly, you know, when you're like, “Oh man, they have to leave their idyllic life again.”'

Ed and Stede have come a long way in both their personal arcs and their shared romantic storyline. From adversaries, one of whom wants to kill the other, they became a fan-favorite queer couple with a sweet relationship and shared dreams about the future.

When we last saw the two pirates in love, they had finally overcome all the obstacles that kept them apart and decided to stay ashore and run an inn together. That could be a fitting finale to their story, as Waititi says, but both fans and the showrunner want more.

David Jenkins Hopes for OFMD Season 3

Fans who love the Stede/Ed pairing are hoping to see more of them. Not falling in love or running towards/from/back to each other, but in an adult, solid relationship. And that's exactly what OFMD creator David Jenkins seems to have in mind.

Jenkins has said on many occasions that he always had a three-season plan for OFMD, with the relationship between Ed/Stede coming to maturity in Season 3. The only problem seems to be that Max has yet to greenlight the final chapter.

And upon closer inspection, it appears that Taika Waititi is not teasing his departure from OFMD, but rather preparing fans for the worst-case scenario of the show being canceled.

'I love the show so much,' the actor told Consequence. 'And maybe it can survive without Rhys and I. Maybe, I don't know. I do I think the character of Blackbeard is something I'm really proud of.'

It is no secret that the OFMD cast trusts Jenkins with every creative decision about the show. So what Waititi probably meant by his words is that the series will be great no matter what the creator does with it next.

What we know with 100% certainty is that nowhere did Waititi say he would never reprise the role of Blackbeard. So take a deep breath and stop stressing out, dear crew members. Our ship has not yet sailed.

Source: Consequence.

Do you feel that Waititi's words sound like a resignation letter?