Did Loki Just Become The MCU's Strongest Superhero?

Did Loki Just Become The MCU's Strongest Superhero?
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Loki now possesses a unique power.


  • Loki's penultimate episode introduced a new power for the God of Mischief.
  • Loki can now willfully shift between different branching realities and points in time.
  • This gives him limitless possibilities in the future.
  • With his new ability, Loki will likely stay at the TVA to protect all of time and space, or go off to fight numerous Kang's variants.

Loki Season 2 laid the groundwork for a dramatic finale that will show whether the God of Mischief and his friends will be able to save TVA and all the branching realities that have begun to go spaghetti.

The alternative is catastrophic and would result in a lot of MCU canon being undone, so we have no doubt that Loki will succeed. After all, the series has introduced a new ability for him, one that places him among the most powerful superheroes.

Loki can now control time-slipping

Since the beginning of the second season, Loki has had trouble staying in one time period. His body was uncontrollably and violently catapulted through the past, present, and future at TVA headquarters, which was, let's just say, uncomfortable.

But the penultimate episode changed all that. The explosion of the Temporal Loom threw Loki's friends into their respective realities, and he began space-sliding between them. More than that, by the end of the episode, he had learned to control it, choosing the point in time and universe where he wanted to appear.

This makes him unbeatable

This is all very new for both the God of Mischief and the viewers, but there's no doubt that the finale will delve deeper into Loki's new power of time and space-slipping and help him and the TVA gang restore order to the space-time continuum.

What's more, it will make Loki the most powerful of all superheroes. With his ability to move between different time periods and realities, Loki can accomplish a lot. He can change events and prevent things from happening at any point in time. He can defeat any enemy by simply trying again and again.

It's a bit like Doctor Strange and his Time Stone, except Loki controls time in the TVA, where there is no concept of time and space and the Infinity Stones mean nothing. Impressive, right?

What is Loki going to do with all that power?

That's a good question. Of course, we would all like to see Loki return to the Sacred Timeline and take the place of this variant killed by Thanos, but what are the odds of that happening? The God of Mischief has become the God of Time and Space, and he can't be confined to one timeline and one universe.

He will probably realize that what He Who Remains said before he died about him and Sylvie becoming the new guardians of the TVA is actually the best possible way. Only now they will protect both the Sacred Timeline and all the branching realities.

Another possibility is that Kang and his variants will return, and there must be someone who can travel between the realities and take them down one by one.

The final episode of Loki Season 2 is coming to Disney+ on Thursday, November 9th.

What do you think Loki will do next?