Did Gen V Finale Prove That Marie Moreau Is More Powerful Than Homelander?

Did Gen V Finale Prove That Marie Moreau Is More Powerful Than Homelander?
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The fight between two Supes would be spectacular.


  • Over the course of Gen V Season 1, Marie Moreau's blood-bending powers were enhanced.
  • The finale proved that she can kill Supes by stopping their hearts.
  • This raises the question of whether the protagonist of Gen V can kill Homelander.

Since Episode 1, Gen V has established that Compound V is more complicated than we thought. We know that in addition to their unique powers such as metal manipulation or size change, all Supes have increased strength, endurance and healing as a base.

However, their unique abilities often turn out to be more complex than previously thought. Throughout Gen V Season 1, the God U students discovered unexpected angles to their powers: Emma was revealed to have the ability to grow big, and Cate - to read minds at a distance.

But the most complex and confusing character is certainly Gen V protagonist Marie Moreau, who is a hemokinetic, which means the ability to manipulate blood.

Marie's powers expanded during the show's run

If at first Marie used her ability to turn her own spilled blood into weapons, which weakened her, she eventually discovered that she could manipulate other people's blood when she saved a human woman with her throat slit.

More than that, over the course of the series, Marie learned to control Supes' blood. When telepathic sexual predator Rufus tried to abuse her, Marie exploded his penis by making blood flow to it.

It was later revealed that Marie can read blood, looking into a person's circulatory system and seeing what elements are in it. She can tell at a glance if a person has Compound V in their DNA.

And last but not least, when fighting the Supes who escaped from the Woods, Marie showed another important ability. She can stop a Supe's heart and kill them instantly. This makes her probably the most powerful character in the Boys universe.

Can Marie kill Homelander?

Homelander is widely considered invincible and it is the main mission of Billy Butcher and the Boys to find his weakness and kill him. While all their attempts have been in vain, Marie Moreau may be their answer.

Gen V revealed that Victoria Neuman has a power similar to Marie's. She makes her victims' heads explode by pumping all their blood into them. In The Boys Season 3, Homelander made it clear that such a method wouldn't work on him because his skin is impenetrable.

But what if Marie were to stop his heart? Translucent's death proved that Supes' insides are more vulnerable than their outsides. It's possible that Homelander can hold his breath and slow his blood pump, but he can't survive a massive and prolonged heart attack, can he?

Still, if Marie were to team up with the Boys and attack Homelander, he could use his super speed to kill her before she could finish the deed. In any case, one thing that can be said for sure is that this battle would be something exciting to watch.

Do you think Marie can kill Homelander?