Deleted OFMD S2 Scene Proves Stede & Ed Deserve At Least One More Season

Deleted OFMD S2 Scene Proves Stede & Ed Deserve At Least One More Season
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We just can't get enough of these two.


  • As the fight to renew Our Flag Means Death continues, cast members are treating fans to never-before-seen photos and images from the Season 2 set.
  • For example, Samba Schutte recently shared a short clip from the filming of a deleted scene.
  • The video sent fans into a frenzy and proved once again that the leading pirate couple deserve at least one more season.

Ever since Max announced the cancellation of David Jenkins' queer pirate romcom series Our Flag Means Death (OFMD) back in January (what a gloomy start to the year!), the only thing keeping dedicated fans sane seems to be the hope that the show will get picked up by another streaming platform. That, and the support of the OFMD cast and crew.

Over the course of two seasons, thanks to its top-notch quality and amazing representation, OFMD creators managed to build a close-knit fan community and become part of it. And while fans fight for renewal with the #SaveOFMD campaign and Jenkins does his best to find a new home for the series, cast members are treating fans to heartfelt messages and never-before-seen clips.

Thus, Samba Schutte, who played fan-favorite cook and doctor Roach, has been sharing behind-the-scenes videos and photos he took on the set of Season 2. Among them is a deleted 12-second scene that will make any fan's heart melt. And it actually proves that the stars of OFMD deserve at least one more season.

On Boyfriendly Terms

In the scene, we see protagonist Rhys Darby's Stede Bonnet standing in Spanish Jackie's tavern, giving a speech to other pirates. Amid the speech, he pauses for an adorable exchange with his love interest, Taika Waititi's Ed Teach.

The dialogue goes like this:

Stede: 'I mean, I just got back together with my boyfriend...'

Turning to Ed: 'Oh... Can I say that?'

Ed: 'I actually f**king love it.'

Stede: 'Yes!'

Aww. Right? These two are just the most endearing couple ever. Needless to say, the clip sent fans into a frenzy. After all, this is the first time Stede calls Ed his boyfriend, and the actors' micro-expressions are brilliant.

Growing Together

But what does this scene have to do with Season 3, you might ask? Well, it is further proof that David Jenkins has managed to create a unique relationship on screen, a relationship that needs at least three chapters to develop.

Stede and Ed are grown men, but their relationship is very new to both of them. So they go through all the stages from innocent flirtation and interest in each other to genuine attraction to true love. That's why the whole story is so captivating.

The characters and their relationship have grown a lot in Season 2. Instead of running away from their feelings, Stede and Ed have embraced them and begun to build a healthy foundation based on mutual trust and agreement.

Even with this short scene cut, the number of times Stede checks for Ed's consent is really touching and feels wholesome. But that's certainly not enough to call the story finished.

Stede and Ed have just started to grow together and still have a lot of relationship challenges and pleasantries to go through. David Jenkins has always made it clear that his plan for Season 3 is to show the protagonists in a more mature stage of their relationship.

That would certainly set a very welcome precedent in modern television. And we keep our fingers crossed that the creator's plan will become reality.

Sources: Instagram, Inverse.

Did the deleted scene make you melt or what?