David Tennant Preps Fans For Wild 60th Anniversary Run, From The Familiar To The 'Bananas'

David Tennant Preps Fans For Wild 60th Anniversary Run, From The Familiar To The 'Bananas'
Image credit: BBC

The three Doctor Who specials are designed to be three separate stories, each with its own unique atmosphere and feel.


  • The Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials are fast approaching.
  • Not much is known about their plots, other than the return of many beloved stars and exciting characters.
  • Speaking to the BBC's The One Show, showrunner Russell T. Davies and star David Tennant revealed that all three episodes will feature different stories, each with a unique vibe and genre.
  • The Star Beast is a more classic episode, Wild Blue Yonder is scary, and The Giggle is 'bananas'.

Happy anniversary, Whovians! Exactly 60 years ago, on November 23rd, 1963, the premiere episode of Doctor Who landed on BBC One. From that day on, the epic journey of the charming Time Lord and his TARDIS began.

The show is celebrating with some major changes and exciting returns. The move to Disney+ with its big budgets, the return of fan-favorite showrunner Russell T Davies, who helmed the Doctor Who revival in 2005, and the launch of Whoniverse on BBC iPlayer all promise a bright future for the iconic franchise.

But right now, all fans can think about are the three special episodes created by Russell T. Davies and featuring the return of two of the Doctor's best loved stars, David Tennant and Catherine Tate.

The 60th specials promise to be truly special

The first episode, The Star Beast, is set to arrive on BBC and Disney+ this Saturday, November 25th. The second, Wild Blue Yonder, is scheduled for December 2nd. And The Giggle will air on December 9th.

While Tate will reprise the role of Donna Noble, who has been at the top of fans' companion lists for many years, Tennant will play the new variant of the Time Lord, the Fourteenth Doctor. And it looks like the Fourteenth will have to find out why he got the old face during regeneration.

There's not much else known about the plots of the episodes, except that some old characters will return and the run of the Fourteenth will be short. The Fifteenth Doctor has already been given the face of Ncuti Gatwa and is expected to take center stage in this year's Christmas special.

However, speaking to the BBC's The One Show recently, Russell T Davies and David Tennant revealed some new details about the upcoming entries. They said that it is essentially three different stories that exist separately. And each of them will have its own special feel.

The first episode is perfect for family viewing, the second is a horror flick and the third seems to be something to really look forward to.

'Each one is really quite unique,' Tennant said. 'The first one is the sort of world of Doctor Who that you'll recognise, I think. The second one is unlike any episode of Doctor Who ever done before. And the third one is... bananas.'

Well, 'bananas' does sound intriguing. And we can't wait for December 9th to get here. How about you?

Source: The One Show.