Dave vs. Marcos: Who Takes the Crown as Below Deck's Best Chef?

Dave vs. Marcos: Who Takes the Crown as Below Deck's Best Chef?
Image credit: Bravo

Fans are debating which chef was the best overall.

Bravo's Below Deck franchise is undoubtedly one of the most popular reality shows out there, as people find it hard to resist the winning formula of these shows, as a chance to peek behind the scenes of a luxury superyacht cruise is definitely very rare. And these shows never make fun of their heroes, proving time and again that working aboard a superyacht is pretty tough, and no one encapsulates this statement better than two of the best chefs in the franchise's history – Marcos Spaziani and David White.

These two hard-working chefs proved time and time again that cooking for elite guests is one of the most stressful jobs on a yacht, and yet they both managed to excel at it. Each week, with one of them in charge of the kitchen, viewers and guests alike were treated to new culinary masterpieces from Marcos and David. But who is the best chef out of the two?

While both were great at inventing and creating interesting dishes, Dave had the edge in terms of skill, thanks to his unparalleled baking skills and the wonderful desserts he produced on a daily basis. When you think of Dave, you immediately think of his wonderful desserts, which makes him a more memorable chef than Marcos, who was obviously great, but his dishes lacked that ‘wow’ factor.

However, Marcos is still a very talented chef whose meals always look like a finished work of art. Aside from his skills in the kitchen, Marcos was simply a wonderful human being, and many fans admitted to respecting him more than any other member of the crew. He was always calm and collected, never allowing himself or his staff to panic, and handling any problematic situation with professionalism.

So, while Dave was a better chef from a technical standpoint, Marcos still takes the crown as Below Deck's best chef, as his wonderful personality and respectable cooking skills made him a blast to follow.