Cut Edward Cullen's Backstory We Hope To See In Twilight TV Series

Cut Edward Cullen's Backstory We Hope To See In Twilight TV Series
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The new show is full of potential.


  • The Twilight series in the works at Lionsgate Television has a great opportunity to fix the mistakes of the original franchise and delve deeper into the source material, Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga.
  • One thing we hope to see in the TV series is the detailed history of the Cullen family.
  • Edward, in particular, has a dark but exciting period in his life that led to his character development.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Lionsgate Television had ordered production on the new series based on Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga, news that was received by Twilighters with mixed feelings.

On the one hand, it is hard to imagine anyone but Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson starring in the coming-of-age romantic story of awkward high school student Bella Swan and glittery vampire Edward Cullen.

On the other hand, the Summit Entertainment franchise turned 15 this year, and its audience has grown up. If done wisely, the new TV adaptation could bring a refreshingly modern take to the story, attract the new generation of viewers, and fix the mistakes of its predecessor.

The new TV show can delve deeper into the source material

Stephenie Meyer's series of novels consists of four main romance books, two companion novels, and one novella. That is a huge amount of information, some of which was inevitably left out of the big screen adaptation.

For example, the history of the Cullens, who are all vampires who lived long and complicated lives before turning to their vegetarian diet, was mentioned in passing. In particular, the character of Edward was robbed of much-needed depth.

In the meantime, Meyer's 104-year-old protagonist has a colorful backstory that leads to his character development and transformation into the man we see in the present, the man readers fall in love with.

Edward's backstory

Back in 1918, when the Spanish flu was killing people all over the globe, Carlisle Cullen couldn't let one 17-year-old in his care die, so he turned him into a vampire. It was Edward.

The positive influence and example of his foster father helped the teen see that he could still live a normal life among humans. But there was a time when he succumbed to his dark vampire nature.

In 1927, Edward left the Cullens to hunt and feed on people. But he didn't choose just any human. His victims were all criminals, predators, and evildoers. Being a powerful telepath, he was able to track these people down and get all the evidence he needed.

This dark period of Edward's life lasted until 1931, about four years, and became a way for the protagonist to come to terms with his vampire nature and grow as a person before returning to his family.

While the Twilight movies didn't have the opportunity to feature everything that was written in the books, the running time of the new series allows for storylines like Edward's dark past to be shown. And we can only hope that the showmakers won't miss this opportunity.

Do you think the new Twilight series should include Edward's backstory?