Criminal Minds: Evolution New Update Hints At Spring-Summer 2024 Premiere

Criminal Minds: Evolution New Update Hints At Spring-Summer 2024 Premiere
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Paget Brewster teases the start of filming.


  • The Hollywood strikes disrupted production of the second season of Criminal Minds: Evolution.
  • Now that the SAG-AFTRA strike is over, the cast and crew can get back to work on the set.
  • The show's star, Paget Brewster, announced on her X account that new episodes are scheduled to begin filming in mid-January 2024.
  • This means that the season could be completely finished and premiere in spring-summer 2024.

It's November, and if things were to go as usual in Hollywood this year, by this time we'd be reuniting with our beloved BAU team and diving back into the mystery of Gold Star with Season 2 of Criminal Minds: Evolution.

The iconic police procedural's new home studio, Paramount+, greenlit the second season after the revival and all the changes that came with it were highly praised by fans old and new and brought in many new subscribers.

However, the production schedule of the new installment was disrupted by the writers' and actors' strike and its premiere was postponed indefinitely. But not for much longer, it would seem.

Paget Brewster provides an exciting update

The end of the SAG-AFTRA strike means that the Evolution cast can get back on set and film new episodes. And according to the show's star, Paget Brewster, who plays BAU head Emily Prentiss, that is exactly what is going to happen in January.

'We start filming mid January at a break neck pace to get episodes to you ASAP! We all hope you will watch and love them!' the actress wrote in response to a fan's question on her X account.

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What does this mean for the Season 2 release?

Brewster's tweet means that the plans and production schedule for Evolution Season 2 are already in place.

The writers have likely been back in the writing room for some time now, and showrunner Erica Messer has said in various interviews that the creative team has not only planned out Season 2, but already has some ideas beyond that.

The premiere season of Evolution began filming in August 2022 and already landed on streaming platforms on November 24, 2022, which is a quick turnaround but not surprising for the efficient team used to tight broadcast schedules.

Considering that the new season will likely consist of 10 episodes like the first one, we can expect it to be ready for streaming by the end of April-mid May 2024. The premiere is entirely up to Paramount+, but there's no reason to believe that the studio will want to delay the release any longer than necessary.

So we will probably be reunited with Prentiss and her unit and finally learn what all the Gold Star business is about in spring-summer 2024, which is not too far away. Fingers crossed!

Source: X.