Craving More Virgin River Ambience? Here's What We Know About S6

Craving More Virgin River Ambience? Here's What We Know About S6
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What's in store for the fan-favorite town and its residents?


  • Virgin River has been renewed for Season 6.
  • It will be a 10-episode chapter, according to showrunner Patrick Sean Smith.
  • Writing for the season is still in progress and filming is expected to begin next year.
  • The holiday specials and interviews with the cast and crew give us a pretty good idea of what to expect in the new episodes.
  • The release date for Season 6 hasn't been officially announced, but Smith promised to deliver it as soon as possible.

Season 5 of Virgin River ended on a whimsical note with the first Christmas specials in the show's history. The two holiday episodes, which landed on Netflix on November 30, were a treat for the show's massive fan base, wrapping up several major story arcs that have spanned the last five seasons (we're happy for you, Charmaine!).

The biggest downside of these episodes is that they are not endless. And fans are once again separated from the idyllic Northern California town. The good news is that Virgin River is definitely coming back with Season 6, the bad news is that we have to wait months for it.

If you want to know more about the next chapter of Virgin River, here is everything we know so far.

How far along is the production of Virgin River Season 6?

Patrick Sean Smith, who took over as showrunner last year, told Deadline that Season 6 will return to the 10-episode format of the show's first three years.

Half of those episodes were completed before the writers' strike, and the other half are currently being created in the writers' room.

As for the start of filming, Alexandra Breckenridge told Deadline that the show is dependent on the weather in Vancouver, where the sets are located. So the cast and crew may have to wait until the spring of 2024 to get the cameras rolling.

What will Virgin River Season 6 be about?

Both the holiday specials and Patrick Sean Smith's interviews tease a lot of drama and excitement for Mel Monroe, Jack Sheridan and their friends and families.

Smith revealed that there will be a time jump from Christmastime. But not before we find out what Mel's father wanted to tell her. In fact, Everett Reid will play a major role in the next season, affecting the dynamics and arcs of several characters.

Of course, Season 6 will fully explore other cliffhangers from the specials: Wes' body identification, Cameron and Muriel's relationship, Jimmy and Lark's conspiracy, etc.

To the relief of fans, the showrunner confirmed that Doc's trial will be over and successful by the time we see him again. So we have one less health scare to worry about. More than that, it is possible that we will see Doc remarry Hope in Season 6, which will undoubtedly be the event of the season.

Smith proved that he listens to the fans' wishes when he promised more of Mel and Jack going forward and finally giving them the family they have been dreaming of.

When will Virgin River Season 6 land on Netflix?

All these teases make us want to watch the next episodes as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the Hollywood strikes have delayed the production of Season 6, which could mean that this drought will last longer than ever, probably until 2025.

However, Smith promised to do his best to deliver the new chapter before next Christmas.

'I'm going to do my darnedest to make sure that doesn't happen,' he told Glamour, referring to the 2025 premiere.

Well, that does sound hopeful. Fingers crossed.

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Are you looking forward to Virgin River Season 6?