Clowning or Fact? Could Kanthony Image Really Give Clue About Bridgerton S4?

Clowning or Fact? Could Kanthony Image Really Give Clue About Bridgerton S4?
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The question remains: Eloise or Benedict?


  • Ever since Benedict Bridgerton's story was pushed aside by the Season 3 leads, fans have been worried that the same would happen in Season 4.
  • However, a small detail in one of the promo photos gives Benedict a good chance to get his story started in the upcoming episodes.
  • To figure that out, fans had to dig deep into his solo book.

Although at one point it seemed that the Bridgerton drought would never end, Season 3 is surprisingly getting closer and closer, and the first-look images and teasers released by Netflix and Shondaland are giving fans plenty of food for thought and speculation.

While drooling over one of the stills released back in December, fans noticed an interesting detail that led to a very hopeful chain of thought. Well, hopeful for Benedict fans anyway.


Anthony and Kate Bridgerton aka Kanthony, who led Season 2, had become a favorite couple for many Bridgerverse fans. So when the Season 3 image was released on Christmas, showing them obviously very much in love, viewers were sent into a frenzy.

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After admiring the chemistry of the beloved couple, fans noted that judging by the positioning of the hands and posture, Kate might be pregnant in this picture. And that made them think back to An Offer from a Gentleman, Julia Quinn's third Bridgerton book, following the love story of Benedict Bridgerton and Sophie Beckett.

Moving Out

Now that Kate has become the new Viscountess Bridgerton, Violet and the rest of the family are supposed to leave the mansion and let the Viscount and Viscountess have their own family.

However, judging by the first-look pics, in Season 3 the whole family is still living in the same house with Kanthony, leading fans to believe that things in the show might go exactly as in the books.

In An Offer from a Gentleman, Benedict tells Sophie that his mother moved out during Kate's last trimester, a month before Kanthony's first son, Edmund, was born. If Kate is indeed pregnant in the released promo image, we can expect this to happen by the end of Season 3.

Why is this important? Because before Violet leaves the manor, she throws a grand ball, setting up a long-awaited love arc.


In the books, Violet's last ball at Bridgerton House is a masquerade where Benedict meets and falls for a beautiful, mysterious girl in silver. However, she abruptly runs off, Cinderella-style, leaving the second Bridgerton with nothing but a silver glove and heartache. That’s how the fan-favorite story of Benedict and Sophie is set in motion.

If Violet's masquerade does happen in Season 3, as fans are theorizing, it would mean that not only will we finally get to meet Sophie on screen, but she and Benedict will also have a chance to lead the next season.

Ever since the artistic brother was pushed aside by the third son/third daughter story of Colin and Penelope, fans have been worried that Eloise might jump ahead of him too and take over Season 4. A masquerade ball in the upcoming episodes would certainly make that less likely. What do you think?

Does the masquerade ball in Season 3 mean Benedict and Sophie's story in Season 4?