Bridgerton Wish List: 6 Book Plot Arcs We Want To See In Season 3

Bridgerton Wish List: 6 Book Plot Arcs We Want To See In Season 3
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The Polin story is one of the best in the book series.

The news that Bridgerton's second interseason hiatus will last over two years was received by fans with mixed feelings. On the one hand, it is a long time. On the other hand, we finally know the date and the countdown has begun.

Besides, the story of Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton (Polin) is worth the wait. The source material, Julia Quinn's Romancing Mister Bridgerton, is one of the fan favorites and has a lot of amazing themes and storylines to adapt.

Here are six arcs we hope Bridgerton Season 3, which premieres in two parts in May-June 2024, takes directly from the novel.

1. Reversing the roles

The linchpin of Polin's relationship in the source novel is their first kiss. Pen asks Colin to kiss her, and he suddenly finds that he wants to. After the kiss, the tables are turned. Penelope goes about her life as usual, oblivious to the feelings raging inside her friend and still sure that there's no future for their relationship. And Colin begins to pine for her with all his heart.

2. Gaining confidence

After being a wallflower for the previous two seasons, the new Penelope must take her novel path and gain the confidence to speak up to Colin, her mother, and other members of the Ton. In the book, Pen realizes that Colin is not the perfect man she always thought he was and this sets her free.

3. Taking the initiative

Penelope's newfound confidence helps her become an active participant in the book's steamy scenes. For a Regency-era woman, this is a refreshingly empowering development, and Colin is in complete awe of his lover, which we are certainly excited to see.

4. Being married

We never got to see the happy married lives of the first two couples. For Daphne and Simon it was all drama, for Anthony and Kate there was not enough screen time. So we hope that at least Polin will get the honeymoon period full of passion and tenderness like in the novel.

5. Balancing jealousy & pride

Polin's main post-wedding conflict is Colin's jealousy of Penelope's writing success. She has the purpose in life that he aspires to, and he has a hard time accepting that.

But when he does, confessing his jealousy and how much he is actually proud of his wife, it is a high moment for the couple. Pen deserves to be praised for her work.

6. Reading journals

One of the best book scenes is when Colin gives his wife his travel journals to read. As he watches her go through them, his emotions run high and it melts our hearts to see how desperate Colin is for Pen's approval and how highly he thinks of her. This scene cements their status as equals in the marriage, and we are certainly there for it.