Bridgerton S3 New Interview: 5 Details Teased By The Showrunner

Bridgerton S3 New Interview: 5 Details Teased By The Showrunner
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Not much tea has been spilled, but there are still things to speculate about.

After a long Bridgerton drought, during which both Netflix and Shondaland kept their lips sealed about the fan-favorite romantic series, things finally seem to be moving.

Earlier this month, we got the premiere dates for Bridgerton Season 3. The chapter will be divided into two four-episode parts and released on May 16th and June 13th next year.

Additionally, a few days ago, Jess Brownell, who has been a writer/producer on Bridgerton since day one and will serve as showrunner for Season 3, chatted with EW about the upcoming story.

While Brownell didn't spill too much tea, she did hint at some interesting developments for some of the beloved characters.


The famous Penelope glow-up that we saw in the first-look stills will be unfolding before our eyes in the early episodes of the season. Pen is still in her pre-transformation look in the new photo with Eloise released by EW.

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The showrunner emphasized that the main change has to happen in Pen's inner world, not in her wardrobe or her hair. And it is this evolution from wallflower to strong woman that the protagonist will undergo in Season 3.


The season's male lead will also emerge a changed man with newfound swagger. Brownell said that by the start of the season, the Marina page will be closed for Colin, and he will have a new vision of the world and himself. He will have to work hard to win back the affection of his old friend.

But it is Lady Whistledown's secret that poses the greatest threat to the Pen/Colin relationship, and we will be living with it for some time before the drama erupts.

Anthony & Kate

To the delight of all Kanthony fans, Brownell promised that the show would finally take a break from the drama of the previous lead couple and give us a glimpse of their conflict-free, happy married life together. What a treat, right?


Like Penelope, Eloise will have to go through some changes brought on by her devastating feud with her best friend. The showrunner teased that viewers will be surprised how things turn out for Eloise in Season 3. She also hinted at a new love interest in the future. Does this mean that the fifth Bridgerton will meet her future husband in new episodes? Brownell didn't reveal that.

If you are worried about the Peneloise friendship, get your hopes up. There's a fat chance that the girls will find their way back to each other by the end of the season. The showrunner revealed that she is rooting for them no less than for any of the show's main romantic couples.


The main question for many fans is whether the second brother, Benedict, will get his solo arc in Season 4. While Brownell didn't reveal that, she did acknowledge the fan love for the character, teasing that he will be 'bouncing around' more in the new season, attending bohemian parties, art gatherings and orgies.

While this may mean that Benedict will have to give way to another sibling before his own story is finally told on screen, it may also be a way to showcase his bisexuality, which many fans have sensed in previous seasons.

Source: EW.

Do you think there is a possibility that Benedict will have a male partner in the new chapter?